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Come Saturday Morning: Here’s to You, Karl Bremer

If you’ve read or heard anything having to do with Michele Bachmann over the last year or so, the chances are very good that it had its origin in one of three places: The Dump Bachmann blog, G.R. Anderson’s 2006 City Pages article “The Chosen One“, and Ripple in Stillwater, the blog home of famed and longtime Minnesota journalist Karl Bremer. Bremer, whose work on covering Bachmann got props from The Awl’s Abe Sauer, is not afraid to let the chips fall where they may in his fights against bogosity — such as the $700 million Boondoggle Bridge planned for the sleepy river town of Stillwater, Minnesota (Karl’s home town – hence the name of his blog).

Two months ago, Karl found out he has pancreatic cancer. He could use a few virtual hugs right now, I reckon. This tune’s for him.

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