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Building Bridges Radio: Protest NYC Police Kill Again; NYPD Anti-Islam Film Cover-Up

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg
New York Police Dept. Kills Again – Over 1,000 in the Bronx Protest
Jose, Stop and Frisk Campaign, Occupy Wall Street

In 2011, at least 700,000 almost entirely African-American and Latinos in

New York were subjected to the NYPD’s unwarranted stop and frisks.  Most
recently, the Mayor’s and his police department’s policies and practices
further resulted in the killing of an unarmed Rahmarley Graham, 18 years old
in his own home, and the vicious beating of Jatiek Reed and arrest on false
charges.  The discriminatory policies and practices are the catalyst for the
frightening explosion in incarceration.  And then for those dragnetted into the
criminal justice system, upon their release is the stigmatization and systemic
disenfranchisement from virtually all opportunities and benefits of the society
– this is the new “Jim Crow”.
Amna Akbar, An Attorney and a Representative of the
Muslim American Civil Liberties Union
Imam Al Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid, Pres., The Islamic Leadership
Council of Metropolitan New York,
Cyrus McGoldrick, Council on American Islamic Relations
Jumaane D. Williams, N.Y. City Council Member
Abdeen Jabara, civil rights attorney

A Coalition of civil liberties groups came to City Hall to call for the resignations of
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne due to
revelations that they covered up their roles in the production of an islamophobic
propaganda film “The Third Jihad” that was shown to at least 1,500 NYPD officers
and to law enforcement around the country.  “The Third Jihad” was produced by
the shadowy non-profit group the Clarion Fund, who had produced an earlier anti-
Muslim propaganda film which was distributed to millions of voters in swing states
just prior to the 2008 election, apparently backed by a $17 million donation from a
“longtime contributor” to neo-conservatives.  The Clarion Fund also has links to the
right-wing Israeli group Aish HaTorah.  The Clarion Fund’s previous documentary
attacking Muslims’ ‘war on the West’ also attracted support from the casino
magnate Sheldon Adelson, a major supporter of Israel, who has helped reshape
the Republican presidential primary by pouring millions of dollars into a super
PAC that backs Newt Gingrich.  Both Kelly’s and Browne’s participation in and
coverup of their role in the film indicates a total disregard for the civil rights of
American Muslims and a complete lack of respect for one of the city’s largest
religious communities.  The NYPD’s Commissioner’s misrepresentations must
also be seen in the context of a recent series of investigative reports by the
Associated Press that revealed that undercover NYPD officers in a so-called
“Demographics Unit” spied on Muslim communities and houses of worship with
the assistance of individuals linked to the CIA.
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