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The Strange World of the Foreign Policy/NGO/CIA Blogosphere

I just recently ran across this very strange world of foreign policy blogging. It might already be familiar to many of you, but it’s new to me.

I’ve been familiar with Chomsky for years and have fact checked him many times before, and I know he’s generally correct. I also knew that US-based NGO’s with names involving things like “Freedom” and “Progress” are kind of demonstrably creepy if not evil at times. I didn’t know there was a bizarre, apparently well-funded (by who? You tell me. But it appears to be true) blogopshere devoted to  denouncing, exposing, and sometimes just trashing everything an American NGO touches.

One example is this blog. I don’t trust this blog, btw. It seems to have a self-contradictory bias…far lefty language used many times, but also a strange libertarian twist to the conclusions (like denouncing the oligarchs and calling for anarchy to reign them in.) But it’s interesting. This “guy” (I suspect it’s written by a team of people; the author’s name is mysteriously untraceable) really doesn’t like #OWS (except for Occupy the Fed) and apparently loves Ron Paul. And while I totally disagree with these conclusions, this is an interesting article.

Blog name: LandDestroyer

2011 – Year of the Dupe


A timeline & history: One year into the engineered “Arab Spring,” one step closer to global hegemony.


Again, I DON’T agree with the author’s conclusion. But that article, and the whole blog, does contain some useful information. The author links to Alex Jones, tho, on his blogroll, so. Yeah. Actually, the whole blog is almost just like Alex Jones’ stuff, but less hysterical and somewhat less speculative and conspiratorial. And much, much better written – almost academic.


Slightly less bizarre is this blog, called “Color Revolutions and Geopolitics”. They have this interesting article:

How Do You Escape a Color Revolution? Replace Emotional Reaction With Intellectual Sobriety

The topic, I’m guessing  is aimed at…uhhh…dictators (???) :

Authors’ Introductory Note: the following essay was prepared in the style of an “open letter” intended to be read by leaders and policy-makers of nation-states targeted for “regime change” by the West.


Again, interesting stuff, even if handing out advice to dictators is both odd and morally questionable. But in these times, where Putin just saved us from a war in Syria and a war with Iran seems almost inevitable, I think this might be important information.


Going back to mental territory I think most will find more habitable, here’s one final blog. I actually really like this blog. This is a blog called “What’s Left” and it’s a far left blog, for real. Really, really far left. No libertarian nuthin’. The author seems sane and doesn’t link to Alex Jones or any other known quacks, to boot. And here’s his (very sane, IMO) take on Egypt and the NGO, etc:


Unquestionably, Sharp, the ex-cop, Ghonim, and the US government too, played a role in the Tahrir Square uprising, some remotely and indirectly, others more directly. But they alone weren’t the only ones who played a part. So too did Mubarak and his policies and the corruption of his son Gamal, as did Egypt’s military, the Muslim Brotherhood, food prices, the privatization of Egypt’s publically owned enterprises, bloggers, Israel, unemployment, Saudi Arabia, the police, millions of ordinary Egyptians, the media and a vast array of other events, people, relations and systems.

I have no fondness for Sharp. His politics skew far to the right of what I’m comfortable with, though he’s by no means what people in the United States would understand to be right-wing, or Republican. All the same, the depiction of him as a mastermind who mobilizes uprisings around the world is insupportable. He may inspire some rebels to embrace nonviolence, but he no more inspires rebellion than the manufacturers of Grecian Formula inspire the hair of it customers to turn grey.




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