Shame The Sluts And Make Them Wait

Susan of Texas (who has infinitely more patience with McMegan than I do) waded into the McArgleBargle that is the comments over at McMegans’s Sociopaths With Broken Calculators site regarding Komen and Planned Parenthood which naturally led to a discussion about abortion.

And then this happened:

susanoftexas 2 weeks ago in reply to McMegan
You are pro-choice. You think women should be able to kill their babies. How is that moderate? The child will not be half dead, or kind of dead, or moderately dead. Just like abortion in the case of rape (dead baby) or incest (another dead baby).

There is no moderate here. This isn’t tax policy. Either it’s murder and should be outlawed or we pass a law saying that abortion is a private matter of individual conscience, which we did. The middle ground is not “abortion should be legal but the mother should feel really really bad about it.”

McArdle:” I think that abortion should be legal, but I also think that it should be a last resort, and I’m all for the government using any non-coercive methods it can to encourage women to carry their pregnancy to term, including things that will make them feel bad about aborting. I think, for example, that sonograms should be mandatory before termination, I’m in favor of waiting periods and parental notification laws, and I’m agnostic on spousal notification.”

McMegan2 weeks ago in reply to susanoftexas

I think there’s a gray area, that almost no one on either end of the spectrum actually believes what they claim to (that fetuses somehow become babies at the will of the mother, or, alternatively, that abortion is actually morally equivalent to murder.) I’m sorry that makes you uncomfortable, but there you are; it’s an uncomfortable topic, on which there is never a happy answer.

just julie2 weeks ago in reply to McMegan
Seriously, you think that women are so stupid about what is in their wombs that they should be forced to have an invasive vaginal ultrasound before they can get their legal abortion?

Ever had one?

I have, 19 years ago, worst experience in an OBs office I ever had. Think sex toy but of terrifying proportions.

McMegan2 weeks ago in reply to just julie
Ever had an abortion? Considerably more invasive than a trans-vaginal ultrasound. In fact, there are lots of worse things that happen in women’s health clinics; be glad you haven’t experienced any of them.


Quite frankly, I’m surprised that McMegan didn’t finish that last “quitcher whining” harangue with a triumphant “Q.E.D. Case closed. In your face. Suck it.”.

So …. to summarize the libertarian response to how we treat our wimmens:

  • Government should use “non-coercive” methods to shame women about choosing a perfectly legal medical procedure
  • Government has the right to mandate a medically unnecessary photo-op with the maybe baby prior to the perfectly legal medical procedure
  • Government has the right to impose a waiting (or call it a ‘cooling off’) period before women are permitted to have their perfectly legal medical procedure.
  • Government has the right to shove a foreign object up a woman’s vagina to take another picture because it is not near as bad as that perfectly legal medical procedure and – you know, what – there are worse things in life so just shut the hell up, lie back and count your blessings.

Because you can’t make a libertarian omelet without breaking a few privacy eggs.

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