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Mini-Roundup for February 17, 2012

I’m headed out of town for a couple days after the Bill Black chat, so here’s a little roundup to get you the weekend.

• Erin Burnett brought forth the guns of war with Iran last night. The propaganda machine has definitely ramped up of late. You can just feel it.

• The House yesterday passed one portion of their partisan transportation bill, the part that includes a forced permit for Keystone XL and drilling in ANWR.

• Interesting that the Buffett rule doesn’t actually appear in the President’s budget. It’s just a helpful suggestion.

• Maine Republicans will issue a recount of their disastrously botched caucuses.

• Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell may be backing off that “force women to be raped with a foreign object to get an abortion” bill.

• I think this poll showing Scott Brown with the lead over Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race could be an outlier, since it differs with contemporaneous polls. But Brown’s still under 50% even in this poll. And I don’t think it took into account the birth control debate.

• Well yes, when you put a country into depression through government policy, you’re going to see some grand thefts as a backlash.

• Speaking of European crimes, Italian police confiscated $6 trillion in fake US Treasury bonds today. Maybe everyone can just pretend they’re real and we can pay off some of our national debt.

• Rick Santorum still leads in Michigan, but there are a couple weeks to go, and Romney is creeping back into it. Considering that Mitt is ahead in Arizona, I’d say he’s still reasonably well-positioned to wrap this thing up by Super Tuesday, especially if his SuperPAC money destroys Santorum.

• Still loving the Occupy Our Homes movement. And there appears to be an adjunct of Occupy Our Homes in Spain.

• Foreclosure mediation would be a great use of dollars with lots of value. Unfortunately, states are allowed to use foreclosure fraud settlement money to plug their budget holes.

• The shelling continues in Syria, even after the UN General Assembly condemnation.

• Dick Cheney – that guy – is lobbying for marriage equality in Maryland.

• It’s atheist Woodstock and it’s coming soon to the National Mall.

• Regarding David Brooks’ pathetic article on Jeremy Lin, somebody should introduce him to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, established in 1954.

• I didn’t think the phrase “kick him in the jimmy” would be a feature of the 2012 Presidential campaign.

• Republican freshman Rep. Michael Grimm has had a train wreck the past few weeks.

• Pat Buchanan is done at MSNBC.

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David Dayen

David Dayen