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Join Me, Dan Choi and Others for Occupy Supply Tent Party at #OccupyDelaware This Saturday

Please join me at Occupy Wilmington, Delaware this Saturday for a tent-raising party with DADT activist Lt. Dan Choi, Captain Ray Lewis and members of Occupy Philadelphia .

Occupy Philadelphia originally won a big, 11×11′ tent in the Occupy Supply contest recognizing outstanding local activism of the Occupy movement. But since Occupy Philadelphia doesn’t have an encampment right now, they voted to generously donate the tent to Occupy Wilmington.  Occupy Wilmington has invited members of occupations that have been evicted to join them, and we know they will make good use of the tent.

Occupy Wilmington is throwing a big celebration for the occasion, which coincides with their 4 month anniversary of occupying Spencer Plaza. I’m coming up from Washington, DC and wanted to extend an invitation to you, your friends and family to join us as well. Here are the details:

Saturday, February 18th, 2012 from 2:00-4:00PM
Spencer Plaza, Wilmington, DE 19895
» Click here for directions and to RSVP

This celebration is going to be great, complete with inspiring speakers, great entertainment and delicious food and refreshments.

Occupy Wilmington will be presenting Occupy Philadelphia with four laptops as thanks for the donation of the tent.

Also in attendance will be  President of the Philadelphia Chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War Amy Herrera, congressional candidate Nate Kleinman, Pacem in Terris, Wilmington Occupy the Hood, DE Community Reinvestment Action Council, Delaware Alliance for Community Development and DE Campaign to End the Death Penalty.

We hope you can join Occupy Wilmington in celebrating their new tent and 4-month anniversary. If you have any questions, please let us know at

And for those who can’t make it, we hope you’ll join us here at FDL where we’ll be hosting a livestream of the event, courtesy of the Occupy Philadelphia media team.

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Jane Hamsher

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