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If you don’t believe in science or math you’ll tend to double-down

Yesterday’s “DE-LIGHT-FUL” one-sided hearing by Darrell Issa on ladies and their sinful lady-parts not only managed to include no ladies, it even excluded women from pronouns:

Issa’s opening statements that “a man’s conscience” should guide laws in America

Well, and accurately, played Issa. Keep it up.

It is clearly working:

A new Democracy Corps (D) survey finds the Republican brand “is in a state of collapse — over 50 percent of voters give the Republican Party a cool, negative rating. The presidential race and the congressional battles are interacting with each other to drive down their lead candidate, the party, and perceptions of the congressional Republicans.”

And who is leading the sticking of the shivs?

Unmarried women:

(Chart and data from Democracy Corps)

So if you want to lose MASSIVELY keep it up “fellas” — oh look…you are…you really are.

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