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Andrew Sullivan Finally Does the Bare Minimum Research About Obama’s Marijuana Position

Amazing what a difference a month makes. Andrew Sullivan, at long last, pulled his head out of the sand and did the absolute bare minimum of research about Obama’s marijuana policy before writing about it. Just last month Sullivan praised Obama for somehow helping to advance the cause of marijuana legalization despite the fact that Obama has waged a very aggressive multi-agency war on marijuana. To quote Sullivan, “Under Obama, support for marriage equality and marijuana legalization has crested to record levels.”

After I painstakingly pointed out to him that Obama has proven to be even worse than George W. Bush was on the issue of marijuana, Sullivan still ignorantly defended Obama on marijuana having done no further research on the issue. From Sullivan’s January 17th attack on me for pointing out the basic facts about Obama administrations marijuana policies:

Oh please. If you accept my premise – that he “leads from behind” for a “long game” – you can begin to see my case. Obama is not going to crusade for either cause [marijuana legalization and marriage equality]. But he is not going to oppose them either and has quietly encouraged them. Hence instructing the DEA not to interfere with state laws on medical marijuana and withdrawing a legal defense of DOMA. Yes, there’s been some regional slippage in California on allowing states to determine their medical marijuana laws, but that hasn’t apparently come from Obama’s office.

Shockingly just one month later Sullivan read this single Rolling Stone article by Tim Dickinson “Obama’s War on Pot” and undergoes a radical conversion on the issue. From Sullivan February 17:

What Obama is doing is causing sickness and death. It seems to me that the Obama generation who helped elect this president need to go to war against this betrayal. Every time you are sent a fundraising email or in any way contacted by the Obama election campaign, tell them to call you back when they call this war off. Hit them where it hurts. Heckle him and his surrogates whenever you can.

Holder and Obama have betrayed us on this. Make sure they hear from you.

Very little of that dickensian article talks about things that have only happened in the last month. This has been a ongoing problem that many prominent figures in the marijuana reform community have been talking about for months. In fact, I laid out almost all the same evidence in my October article “Obama’s Multi-Agency War on Medical Marijuana” that I cited in my response to Sullivan.

I guess a whole month later is better than never.

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