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The coffee’s freshly ground, there’s a wide variety of teas and the sticky buns are homemade.

  • “Greece rounded bitterly on its EU paymasters when the finance minister and socialist leader, Evangelos Venizelos, accused the eurozone of deliberately changing the terms of a proposed €130bn (£110bn) bailout because key players wanted to kick the country out of the single currency.”
  • TRRN: “The Greek Experiment. Michael Hudson: Greek crisis used to find out how far finance can drive down wages and privatize.”
  • “Greece’s plight proves that the Lords of Capital have no more use for democratic facades, in Euroland or anywhere else. The Greeks will be allowed to survive – barely, and just for a short while – only if they surrender to “the free movement of capital” and take no actions that would ‘influence the management or control of companies.’ For the people’s purposes, the Greek state has ceased to exist. ‘The sad truth is that citizens of supposedly democratic countries live in dictatorships of, for, and by the rich’.”
  • “The old alliance of Europe and America faces a huge row with the rest of the world over the identity of the next head of the World Bank, after president Robert Zoellick said on Wednesday he is to leave his post in June.”
  • “The President of Guatemala has floated the prospect of legalising drugs in a bid to stop criminal gangs bringing even more bloodshed to Central America, and will attempt to win regional support for an idea which is likely to face fierce opposition in Washington.”
  • “Venezuela’s opposition says it has destroyed the list of voters in Sunday’s primary election, despite a court order that they be preserved. The Democratic Unity coalition said the records had been burned in accordance with a promise to ensure confidentiality.”
  • “The free-market Heartland Institute has moved to contain the damage from explosive revelations about its efforts to discredit climate change and alter the teaching of science in schools, claiming on Wednesday it was the victim of theft and forgery.”
  • “As clandestine bomber hideouts go, it was a desirable posting: a two-storey, gingerbread-colored residence on a leafy Bangkok backstreet where most homes host live-in servants.”
  • “‘Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have chosen sides in the Washington-backed belligerency – the side of Empire.’ Syria has no choice but to secure every square foot of its territory. ‘Faced with the certainty of superpower-backed attack under the guise of ‘protecting’ civilians in ‘liberated’ territory, Syria cannot afford to cede even one neighborhood of a single city – not one block! – or of any rural or border enclave, to armed rebels and foreign jihadis’.”
  • “Crime chiefs from countries with populations of wild tigers have agreed to work together in order to combat the illegal trade in the big cats. Heads of police and customs from 13 nations agreed to tighten controls and improve cross-border co-operation at a two-day meeting in Bangkok.”
  • “The DIY explosives found in a Bangkok house after a series of blasts rocked the capital on Tuesday were similar to devices used against Israeli embassy targets in India and Georgia, Israel’s ambassador has said, a day after Israel’s defence minister accused Iran of being behind the thwarted attack.”
  • “Dr. King once expressed the belief that we might be ‘integrating into a burning house.’ Even that might not be so bad, one supposes, if we were actually fighting the fire. But is America’s black political class even committed to fighting the fire at all, to alleviating poverty, to standing up for peace and justice? Are they only about prolonging their perks and careers? Are they firefighters? Or looters?”
  • TRNN: “Shills and Cruel Jokes. Labor Beat: Parents and teachers protest “show trial” hearings they say are being used [to] close their Chicago schools.”
  • And from the Lake’s own Dissenter: “WikiLeaks Reports It Has Been ‘Banned’ From UN Agency’s Conference on WikiLeaks.”

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