Occupy Nashville GA 14 Feb. 1

The eviction bills have been added to the House and Senates agenda for tomorrow, Feb. 16, making eviction likely Thursday night. ON will be allowed to maintain a presence 24/7 as of last night’s GA, but camping will be prohibited.

Right now, ON’s main concern is finding a place for their homeless friends, whether it be renting a camping area, or aid from a local church. Valuables are being moved to a rented storage unit. They have to deal with limited resources, so any and all contributions are welcome. You can donate here.

Occupy Nashville GA 14 Feb. 2

About four to six Occupiers plan on getting arrested that I know of; the situation is fluid and subject to change until the bills actually become law. If you wish to help with their fines (up to $2,500), you can donate here. Jason and Matt will share the donations with other arrested Occupiers.

Occupy Nashville GA 14 Feb 3

ON is asking people to sign this online petition. They are also asking people to show up for the meeting Thursday, e-mail Governor Haslam, and call. You can follow them on their FaceBook page

Occupy Nashville GA 14 Feb 4

Billy knows what to do.