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Office of Special Counsel

By the numbers: FY2011 (actual): $18 million | FY2012 (est.): $19 million | FY2013 (request): $19 million

Analysis: Time and time again, federal employees have saved taxpayer dollars by blowing the whistle on wasteful spending practices within their departments and agencies. Federal whistleblowers also protect our interests by exposing threats to public health and safety.

Unfortunately, the “agency’s caseload is growing more than four times faster than its budget,” according to an FY2011 performance report. OSC is requesting a modest appropriation of $18.7 million for FY2013—slightly less than its request from the previous year.

OSC’s budget should be doubled, even tripled – not cut back. It’s good to see POGO come down on the side of more resources for this beleaguered agency. Specific numbers and more follow-through (e.g., open letters to Congress, petitions, etc.) would be good. As would similar steps by GAPNWCPEER, and the Make It Safe Campaign, among others.

See also: The White House requests $18.7 mil. for OSC, less than last year’s requested and appropriated amounts


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