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Hey FireDogs. This is a story about crimes against humanity in which all of us as American citizens are complicit.  Water is the elixir of life. For well over 2000 years water has been held as an inviolable part of the commons, protected by law, by convention, by tradition, and by basic human decency. Here in Arizona there is a law on the books that makes it a crime to refuse water to a passerby who tresspasses on your property for the purpose of obtaining water.

This is a story that is mostly going unreported, like most events of any import in our Brave New World. This is a story about how the transnational corporations that we Americans have unleashed upon the world are really beginning to redefine what the word evil even means. I am someone whose cynical side is about all that’s left, and that side is being all ate up with an even more virulent sort of cynicism. This is a story about The World Bank sabotaging nation states on behalf of the Big Six U.S. Too Big To Fails, and further it is a story about The International Monetary Fund implementing Imperial extortion in the interests of extending the global hegemony of the American Empire.

From the purview of an American transnational corporation water is the perfect “commodity”. No need to build brand recognition, no person on the planet doesn’t already need this commodity. And by need I of course mean require. Quite simply, without this product……you will die……shortly. Screw advertising, that right there FireDogs……is shear maniacally brilliant genius. Death is one hell of a marketing plan. That crazy fucking flat earther Milton Friedman would be so proud, privatization on steroids.

From Richard Raznikov’s stunning……and by stunning I mean proof that “1984” is upon us, more so I think than any in this priviledged society are yet prepared to admit……article posted at Truthout, here are some excerpts :

Every year about 2 million people, most of them children, die from lack of water, either directly or indirectly through lack of sanitation; that’s twice as many people as the United States killed in Iraq. Estimates of international agencies put the number at 1.1 billion who do not have access to enough water to drink, cook with, or properly bathe.

I’ve also been ignorant about nearly everything else in the world. I don’t think I really got how deeply evil some corporations were. I didn’t understand how money worked, nor what the World Bank was about, nor the International Monetary Fund. They sounded benign. They are about as benign as Lucifer. I certainly didn’t understand how the World Bank and some huge corporations were, in concert, working to kill millions of people by depriving them of access to water. I do now.

Beginning about 20 years ago, it dawned on the bankers and some major corporations that if oil was a lucrative commodity water would be even more so. Everyone had to have water, even if they rode bicycles to work or took public transit. The trick was how to take it away from the people and sell it back to them.But with the help of the World Bank and friendly governments such as the U.S. under Bill Clinton, stipulations could be included in trade agreements and in loan conditions to developing countries.

This is worldwide, it is growing, and it is killing people.

Privatization of water is making inroads in the United States. In Sitka, Alaska, which is home to one of the world’s most spectacular lakes, the Blue Lake Reservoir holds trillions of gallons of water so pure it does not need any treatment.Now, under the auspices of True Alaska Bottling and S2C Global, hundreds of millions of gallons are being siphoned into tankers and shipped to Mumbai, and from there to several cities in the MiddleEast. Water is being turned into a global commodity.

A former vice president of the World Bank said, “The next world war will be fought over water.” If he’s right, he’d better be well-armed because most of the rest of the world will be looking for sons of bitches like him.

If you would like to be further astonished by the depth and breadth of this unspeakable treachery, and the astonishing number of countries on this planet that have already found themselves in the coils of this merciless constrictor and are now staring into its gaping maw…… youself a favor and follow the link and read this rather long article in its entirety. Some of the more heinous perpetrators may surprise you……”Things Go Better With Coke”……unless you as well are all ate up by the virulent type of cynicism with which I find myself afflicted. Kudos and gratitude to Richard Raznikov. He sounds as if he is becoming as crazedly radicalized as myself. That probably doesn’t bode well for his writing aspirations, but his work is appreciated in this house.


~George Orwell~

Robert Alexander Dumas

Robert Alexander Dumas