The coffee’s freshly ground, there’s a wide variety of teas and the sticky buns are homemade.

Happy Valentine’s Day, pups.

  • “The European Commission has welcomed the Greek parliament‘s decision to approve tough new austerity measures. Economics commissioner Olli Rehn urged Greek officials to ‘take ownership’ and fully implement the reforms, demanded by the EU in return for a huge bailout.”
  • “Greece’s hopes of quickly securing a €130bn bailout looked to be dashed on Monday after a weekend of rioting and parliamentary tumult when the Papademos government pushed through a new austerity package. Eurozone finance ministers are expected to meet in Brussels on Wednesday and had been preparing to endorse the rescue programme for Greece.”
  • Real News: “Should Greece Pull Out of the Euro? TRNN Replay – Costas Lapavitsas: The Greek people face a decade of depression in the Eurozone, it’s better to leave and make major reforms.”
  • “Britain’s AAA credit rating was thrown into doubt after the ratings agency Moody’s said the ongoing euro crisis and a credit squeeze on the banking sector put the country at a higher risk of defaulting on its debts. Moody’s said that countries including the UK, France and Italy would be put on negative watch after citing ‘uncertainty’ over Europe’s handling of its ongoing debt crisis.”
  • “The failure of the UN security council to take action has emboldened Syria to make an ‘all out assault’ on opponents, the UN’s human rights chief says. Navi Pillay told the UN the lack of agreement encouraged Damascus to use ‘overwhelming force’ against protests.”
  • “The Syrian soldiers lying wounded in their hospital beds at the Tishreen military hospital on the outskirts of Damascus know exactly who to blame for their often horrific injuries: Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States, MI6, Afghanistan, Jihadis. Anyone, it seems, except their own government.”
  • “The Afghan Taliban have announced the death of one of their most senior former leaders, Mullah Obaidullah. He served as defence minister in the Taliban government before its overthrow in 2001 and as a prominent military commander afterwards.”
  • “Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of being behind twin attacks on Israeli targets in India and Georgia on Monday in a move likely to further escalate tensions between the two countries and increase international pressure on the Iranian regime.”
  • “The tense situation on the Tibetan plateau is not getting any better in the days leading up to when Tibetans traditionally celebrate the new year. Tibetan rights groups outside of China report that another nun set herself on fire this weekend to protest Chinese rule in the region, where unrest has spread far beyond the borders of what China defines as Tibet.”
  • “Seven members of a US militia have gone on trial accused of plotting to wage war against the US. It is alleged the Hutaree group planned to kill a police officer then attack the funeral, in an attempt to trigger a revolt against the government.”
  • “News Corporation executives could be vulnerable to individual prosecution by US anti-bribery authorities under the so-called ‘willful blindness’ clause that holds company chiefs culpable if they chose to be unaware of any specific wrongdoing by their employees.”
  • “As a child Shain Duka often listened to his parents talk about living in fear of their government in communist Albania, before they moved to America and settled in New Jersey to raise their four sons. ‘I could not fathom or understand what were they talking about. We grew up having freedom. Where we could speak freely. We never lived in a time and place like that,’ Duka told the Guardian.”

Tonight’s film will be The St Valentine’s Day Massacre starring Jason Robards as Al Capone.

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.