I usually don’t get too involved with the issue of who or when Iran will be attacked because it’s been debunked for about a decade now for any number of reasons that well informed FDL/MyFDL readers are aware of.

However, I came upon THIS read Why Israel’s Rattling Sabers thru AW.COM, by one Yousef Munayyer, and it’s a great read.

For instance, regarding why the threat of Iran attacking Israel or anyone is pure myth:

“Most analysts, myself included, however, look at Iran’s past behaviour as the best indicator of its future decision-making and note the many steps the Iranian regime has taken to ensure regime survival and act rationally as a political power in the region.”

Mr. Munayyer explains how and WHY Israel IS saber rattling, and altho he does NOT claim an attack WON’T happen, he does spell out some of the consequences (there are many others he does not dwell on) if an attack WERE to happen and more importantly to us readers, WHY Israel is making so much noise about an attack.

1) To force Obama to make a request of Israel for concessions NOT to strike (think settlement issues).

2) Concessions for long term issues that might benefit Israel on some way or another.

Essentially, in March Obama will speak at an AIPAC policy conference. Netanyahu wants to FORCE Obama to ask for concessions by then, if not before his campaign for November kicks into full gear (“hey Bibi, could you wait till AFTER our Nov. elections to do it?”).

This is simple stuff folks, spelled out clearly, cleanly and factually.

A great read.

It does NOT state there will NOT be an attack, but it DOES well explain why the rhetoric has heated up so much in the past months. Bought and paid for by AIPAC and our MSM’s AIPAC funded and supported sources and experts on these affairs.

Give it a read, it’s a good one.

Ok, for those of you who will NOT read it, here’s the wrap and close:

No one benefits from Israel actually striking Iran, except for the military industrial complex, but the Netanyahu government has a great deal to gain from hanging the possibility of a unilateral strike ominously over the head of President Obama before an election. They are hedging their bets for November in the hopes that they will either get a first-term Republican facing domestic constraints that prevent him from pressuring Israel, or a docile Obama, who has already given away the house on Jerusalem and settlements.

(my bold emphasis)

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