I disassociated myself from the “liberals/progressive” camp because they had/have no plan to push an agenda nor challenge the status quo. Everything and not one primary challenge worth mentioning. That was OK.

55% of liberals/progressives support assasinating American citizens, on a whim.
higher percentages for keeping GB open. That makes it NOT OK to be a Liberal/progressive.

There was/is only one group that has not/will not change on the issues civil liberties and wars, libertarians.

I can accept being a Libertarian who believes in a strong social saftey net, Unions and a women’s right to choose. I can live with that.

I could never be associated with any organization, whom the majority of them, supports killing people on a whim,wars and/or indef detention. I proudly reject the association.

Cenk, of the Young Turks explains: