Arizona State Capitol (photo: ceyshe/flickr)

Arizona State Capitol (photo: ceyshe/flickr)

On a personal note…

Perhaps, this commentary should be titled, “The Human Misery That Results from the Criminal Stupidity from the Overwhelming Majority of White People” but I won’t go there, since this is a personal note, and done with no distinguishing characteristics, on my part, other than for expressing my anger and angst. And my Thanks to the Chicano Veterans Organization for permitting this “commentary” such as it is, to be posted on this web site.

This week and before the Arizona State Legislature, our Elected Officials are considering two pieces of legislation and in which these potential Public Laws intentionally “target” Brown People.

As such, the “target” is children, and who are unable to defend themselves from the “juice” of powerful people, and comes to us in the form of SB 1444. This law would require the “state to collect data from schools on the number of students who are undocumented.” And given the stinginess of the Republican-led Legislature, these Elected Officials will not provide the monies that these cash-strapped schools will need to carry out this task. However, the State Legislature will continue to provide “tax cuts” to their Republican cronies and political allies.

Moreover, this Public Law does not contain any acknowledgement for the egregious impact that will be felt all across the state, given that the overwhelming majority of students are either Native Americans or Chicanos. To wit, the majority of undocumented immigrant parents and their immediate families have departed Arizona in search of their version of our American Dream. Therefore, this bill would further intimidate the remaining and in small numbers, the families of undocumented immigrants and where the parents would deign to keep their U.S. born children out of school rather than risk interrogation and possible deportation. And in keeping with the historical migratory flow, Arizona is a non-entity in this regard. Put simply, Arizona is a “pass through” channel.

Consequently, SB 1444’s direct intent is to utilize our children and fellow citizens, as the fulcrum and for a political platform and done in order to continue to wage the GOP’s “Bashing the Latinos” Program. And which brings me to my anger, writ large, and for a political response that encapsulates calling “anyone” supporting this abomination for a perceived public policy, as being either, an “outright Bigot” or an “outright Racist,” or both?

Further, this legislation, if enacted, would create a separate and unequal class of children—documented and undocumented, and who would grow up uneducated. Therefore, these children will grow up, not in schools, but on ‘the street’ and of course, this complies with the Strategy of Attrition Through Enforcement, and which is what bigots and racists having longing for, for over these many years, notwithstanding their political affiliations with the Republicans, Democrats and the Independents, and in particular, white Arizonans, and as exemplified by the enactment of SB 1070, resulting in public discord and public disgust.

And which brings me to the second piece of legislation that is SB 1445.

This potential Public Law will create hospital personnel in the recognition for the Art of Becoming and where this ‘becoming’ leads to the establishment of “unofficial” immigration officers in their requirement to “demand” legal documentation as part and parcel to their job description when providing medical attention to a Patient, when the Patient—The Brown Person, is undergoing a possible heart attack or for even a nurse having to address a medical concern from the Patient for having a minor bee sting. Of course, the State Legislature will not provide the monies in order to comply with this Public Law. And that means that hospitals will go unreimbursed for this compliance of another version for and of a surveillance state systemic. As such, each Brown Person will have to carry a Passport at all times, otherwise incarceration and deportation, will become an automatic occurrence. And if you’re an existing Citizen, you will have to “finagle” your way back into the United States, and which would be emblematic of when the Japanese Americans were incarcerated in Crystal City, Texas, during World War Two. Consequently, bigotry and racism, is not permitted to die of natural causes, given the wrath that continues to manifest itself on the political Right.

And another “opportunity” by conservatives has risen to the “top of the heap” that is their Iconic Crappola, is that the State Legislature is debating the creation of a State Militia, and not aligned with the National Guard, that will ‘target’ the “international criminal enterprise” and which is another oxymoronic version [of the Undocumented Cat Species-version and not known as either affectionate Pookie or the alternative and that being the Gatos Negros] of some of that code talk for the pesky Undocumented Immigrants. Of course, more on this in another post that will occur sometime later this week.

Sadly, my home state of Arizona is no longer the Grand Canyon State, but the new moniker should be the “Kick Me! State” since the powerful–while exercising and exorcising their “juice,” are determined to demonize our fellow citizens while attempting to inflict a Badge of Distinction that stipulates a “second class” citizenship onto all of us—The Brown People. And as a military veteran, I refuse to acknowledge and accept such a Badge of Distinction, and therefore, I will quote the over-used maxim from a Yaqui Indian and well-known as Pancho Villa of the early 1900s and for, “I will not die on my knees, but I will Stand Up and Fight!” And fight back, I will.

And in today’s context and content, “liberals” of America’s glorious past, would be out defending these children, but these ersatz “liberals” have now become heartily accustomed to the President Obama’s deft “conservatism.” Nonetheless, America’s recognized Measurement Bar rises to the ever-present level that equates to “low.”

In closing, my progressive allies will have to stand-up for my exhortations as well as for their political engagement, since citizenship is the defining nature of and in America. And if not, I will continue my search for these political allies–without the political camouflage that represents Criminal Stupidity, but with Honor Reciprocated. Lastingly, this “burden” of Honor, falls onto Military Vets, my Brothers and Sisters of Shared Experiences.

How Say You?

Jaango–The Prince of the Sonoran Desert   🙂