Can someone educate me on what has happened to the Internet?

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I used to be able to watch YouTube video clips, or videos which were posted or embedded on other Web sites, and then if I so wanted to I could ….download the video clip to my computer (you could right-click on the video window and download).

This was very handy, because sometimes these various video clips that we find and see on the Internet go away, get removed, or just don’t work any more, and then you cannot ever refer back to them. It’s also an inconvenience to have to search all over and try to locate them too, if they still exist. So this download option was very cool, because if you say found some rare old concert footage of some group from the 1960s (or whatever), you could save the clip to you computer and not have to worry about trying to go back and search for it, and hope that the link still worked.

But over the past few weeks, now when I watch a clip from YouTube or any other Web Site there is no more option to download the video clips anymore. Nothing can be downloaded! So now if the URLs no longer work, or the clips get removed, or whatever — then the content is gone completely, and its as if they never even existed in the first place.

So I can’t download any video clips anymore. Is it just something specific to me with my computer system, or is everybody else noticing the same big change in behavior?

Did congress pass something that took away downloading video clips?

What’s the story?