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Sunday Late Night: #Occupy Breitbart at CPAC

There’s a big debate over showing this video. Does it give Andrew Breitbart more desired exposure? Or does it expose his antics to a wider audience, thus discrediting him with the general public and cable television producers?

My favorite part is the young woman’s voice at the very end: “I’ve never raped anybody!”

I’m not going to characterize Andrew Breitbart’s behavior. It speaks for itself. My question is whether repeated publicity for this behavior is good for him. Or is it good for society and our culture? In that it exposes his behavior to a wider audience, leading perhaps to less cultural influence for him, I think showing it is a good thing. I believe this video takes Andrew Breitbart to about minute 14 and 45 seconds of his influence.

Since his every public action seems geared to publicize himself, though, does showing this video simply feed the beast?

I have long thought his previous actions would have caused his influence to wane, to no avail.

What do you think? Should we ignore this behavior, or should we encourage the video’s wider circulation?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge