MONSANTO Heading Back to Vietnam to Spray More Agent Orange.


A couple of generations later the Vietnamese people are still suffering birth defects and cancers directly attributable to the actions of the U.S. Military, Monsanto Corporation, and the American people.

From an article by An Dien at  Thanh Nien :

In 2006 the government approved a blueprint that envisaged covering between 30 percent and half of the country’s agriculture lands with the controversial gene-altered crops by 2020.

Only three companies – Monsanto, Syngenta, and Pioneer – have been licensed to carry out lab research and tests in Vietnam, the minister’s statement said.

And Further……under the heading……”NO Fucking Way! That Can’t Possibly Be True!” :


37 years after the end of the war, large swaths of Vietnam are still contaminated by dioxins to levels of 300-400 times beyond internationally prescribed safety levels. Dioxins attack genetic information in just about anything that is alive.

Pay attention right here FireDogs………….here it comes……ohhhh loook outt………

According to Jeffrey Smith, Founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology :

A new Genetically Modified corn is scheduled for review and testing in Vietnam. This corn is designed to be resistant to the herbacide 2,4-D.

That herbicide was a major component of Agent Orange. So it necessarily follows that after planting this new creation of Monsanto’s labs…….they will once again be spraying in Vietnam, an herbicide that is tantamount to more Agent Orange. The “rational” behind this cold blooded insanity would of course be that GMOs as a technological advance, are not in fact an advance. They don’t work. Rather than increase crop yields they diminish them. Rather than reduce overhead because of  less herbicide use, they in a very short time, necessitate as much as a six fold increase in herbicide use, and then soon, even that absurd practice fails. Insects and weeds and diseases… Mom Nature in other words……all mutate and adapt their way around the man made obstacles. Thus the need for even stronger herbicides. Before you know it…….you are spraying Agent Orange once again in Vietnam in the year 2012. Criminally immoral……but eminently logical.

Better living through chemistry.

You wouldn’t think it possible that Monsanto corp. could have gained access to Vietnam once again. But I guess any who read at this site won’t take long to draw the correct inferences. No doubt, all this will come to light via something akin to WikiLeaks, after it is too late for it to do any good for the Vietnamese people.

I believe I am losing my capacity for outrage. Knowledge is a bitch.

Stay Strong and Take Care of One Another.

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