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International Law Protects Billy Graham’s Son but Not Afghan Children

Just a week ago, the Sudanese Air Force bombed civilians in South Sudan:

At least eight bombs were dropped in the area near the Bible school Wednesday during the school’s first day of classes, according to a statement by Samaritan’s Purse, American evangelist Franklin Graham’s Christian humanitarian group, which supports the school.

Two bombs landed inside the compound — located in the region’s Nuba Mountains — destroying two Bible college buildings and igniting grass fires across the area, the group said in a statement.

No injuries were reported.

The White House was very upset and issued the following statement:

“The United States strongly condemns the bombing by the Sudanese Armed Forces of civilian populations in Southern Kordofan,” a White House statement said. “Aerial attacks on civilian targets are unjustified and unacceptable. Such attacks are a violation of international law and compound the ongoing crisis in these areas.

Just four days ago, in Afghanistan:

At least eight Afghan children were killed today in Kapisa Province as the result of a NATO air strike against the Nejrab District. The attack was condemned by the Karzai government…

The details of the attack are not entirely clear. Kapisa Governor Mehrabuddin Safi said the strike hit the Giawa village, and other officials said there may have been a night raid in the area shortly before the strike.

Deutsche Presse

Lieutenant Commander James Williams, a spokesman with the NATO-led international forces confirmed the incident saying a joint NATO assessment team was investigating the circumstances.

Quqnoos, the Afghan Tolo News service, identifies the children as

Seven boys under 14 and and an 18-year-old were killed in the attack, officials said. They were herding sheep less than half a mile from their homes when the bombing happened.

So far, no condemnation or concern about international law has been heard from the White House.

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