If you don’t like where
you are at in life; you had better have paid attention as to how you got to
where you are. The key to a better future is the mistakes we survive and learn

As an American that was born during the Great Depression; I
don’t understand how any American of my generation could not be ashamed of the
America we will too soon be leaving to our Children and Grandchildren. Our
politicians of both parties will get in our faces and tell us we are the
greatest nation on earth. That is the biggest feel good lie ever told. The Nation my generation inherited was the Greatest
Nation. When we were the USA and proud United Union employees we had a great middle
class. We were the most Respected, Prosperous, and Lending Nation to ever exist.
When the products Americans developed, were made by Americans, there was no
problem with Social Security and Health Care. Our nation and jobs has now been
sold out to China the Communist Atheist nation that supplied the arms to kill
our Troops in Korea and Vietnam. We are the leading debtor nation to an Atheist
nation that does not believe there is a God. The Evangelicals don’t care or
just ignore that fact. I put the blame for our depressed nation on the
shoulders of the narrow-minded Evangelicals. No matter what the issues are they
will only vote for politicians such as George W Bush that finished destroying
our economy and reputation because they believe the wealthy will help them to
force their beliefs about a Woman’s Right to Choose, homosexuals, prayers in
Public Schools, Muslims and Labor Unions; on everyone else.

Throughout history the fat cats have used fear-mongering and
narrow–minded religious zealots to divide conquer and oppress nation after nation.
The exception to that fact is the Communist that simply uses brutal force. I am
sure that is the history our Forefathers used to give us freedom for the
religion of our choice and freedom from religious zealots in Amendment One of one
of the most respected documents ever written, the Constitution of the United
States. Of all the religions on Earth, no one has ever proven there is a God.
The fact is if there is an Almighty God that created all living things he
clearly and wisely never gave anyone like minds making religions the most
divisive forces on earth.

Our great rivers that are crystal clear and pure in their
beginning get so polluted with fragments of previous life that you can’t see
through them as they flow on to the Oceans. The human mind that was pure at
birth can get so polluted with someone else’s interpretation of life that they
can’t see the forest for the trees, if they ignore what life has taught them.
No one knows that better than me. I was created on what I believe, is Gods
Earth by the most loving, caring Christian Mother on Earth. It seemed to me her
mission in life was to see to it that her children became Southern Baptist. By
the time I became a teenager I knew for sure that anyone, that wasn’t at least
a Baptist, was going to hell. I wish I could tell her how wrong it was to teach
me to be so prejudiced toward so many of my fellow Americans. By the time I
became a young adult I despised anyone that said God saved one of their loved
ones thru prayers. Most all, of my small home town that knew my mother was
praying for years asking God to stop my Mothers suffering; only death provided
it. I became a Doubting Thomas and even worse a pessimist and non-conformist
damaging whatever career I had.

That is how it was until I retired. I loved hiking nature
trails. After I retired, I decided to walk backwards the five mile nature trail
that I had walked in the same direction for years. I thought I knew the trail
like the back of my hand. I was not far into the trail until I thought I was
lost, until I looked behind me. From that day on I paid more attention to what
all my God given senses were teaching me. As I look back on the mistakes I made
in my life I realized my Mother was first and foremost a Good Samaritan as described in the Holy Bible. She was the first to
be there when any of our neighbors needed help no matter what their religion

I have rated the most important things that Life, History and
Nature has taught me. First is, that the wealthy has the most to gain from a
divided Society. Second is, if we ignore what life has taught us, it will
destroy us. Third is, that although no one has ever proven it, the Majority of
Human beings believe there is a God in some form.  Fourth is, before Columbus discovered America
most believed the Earth was flat, we now know that Earth is round and there are
no more lands on Earth to be discovered. Fifth is, if not God, something or
someone destroys any species of life that over populates Earth.

I have concluded that God gave us Women to create Human Life
not Men. The issue of a Women’s Right to let her God be her Judge if she
decides to have an abortion has divided and destroyed the Greatest, and most
Respected Nation to ever exist.

I have to believe there is still Hope for our Children and
Grandchildren. I believe that any issue settled by any branch of our Federal or
State Government that has become so divisive it is destroying us and is not an
immediate threat to us, should be settled by a vote of, We the People.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall, In God I Trust…


True American

True American