Oil Drilling Platform in the Santa Barbara CA Channel by mikebaird

Oil Drilling Platform in the Santa Barbara CA Channel by mikebaird~Courtesy of Flickr~

Hey FireDog’s. Sara Robinson’s post in AlterNet this fine Saturday morning aggregates a profound group of must read sources and their recent work, crafting a must read macro view article that is unsettling in its uncompromising conclusions, yet somehow allows optimism to sprout once the harsh reality is accepted.

My question would be to ponder whether we have the grit and resolve to reign in these sociopathic transnational corporations we have created and then unleashed upon the world. I have no doubt that they are easily willing to see our deaths in the millions if it would mean that the  status quo paradigm continues for even a short while longer. And if I tarry too long pondering the hate I reserve for the Monsanto corporation and their machinations, or the foolhardiness of allowing the tick tock elapse of even yet more time as the nearly imponderable disaster that is climate change looms ever nearer…….I am tempted to revise that estimate to billions of our deaths.

From Sara’s article :

The bottom line in Homer-Dixon’s theory is this: Everything that Americans understand as “wealth” under the current paradigm comes from oil. It’s the foundation of our entire economy, and the ground our superpower status stands on.

The Chinese are now making huge investments in renewable energy and safer, more efficient second-generation nuclear power, which they can use to fuel their ascent to global primacy.

And Further from Umair Haque :

“both cost shifting and benefit borrowing are forms of economic harm that are unfair, non-consensual, and often irreversible.” The result is a great imbalance that we are finally being forced to fully reckon with, one that will call us to radically change our focus, creating a totally new kind of capitalism.

Lastly, Sara’s peroration :

Our government is broken. Our economy is broken. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our major institutions — education, religion, culture — are inadequate to the tasks at hand.

These are all signs of an old world passing away, clearing the way for a new one to arise in its place. And the sooner we let go of our assumption that going back is desirable, or even possible, the sooner we’ll be able to fully embrace the new things that lie ahead.

My synopsis is woefully inadequate, do yourself a favor and read Sara’s article in its entirety and as many of the links as is possible, I found it oddly refreshing.

Stay Strong and Take Care of One Another.

Robert Alexander Dumas

Robert Alexander Dumas