If I see a crime, I will report it to the police. This is how I have lived my life and I am not going to change. If I see an assault on the street, I will report it and have done so. If I am quick enough, I will take a photo with my phone and text the photo to the police.

If I am part of a demonstration and I see someone starting to move towards a window with the obvious intention of breaking, I will attempt to dissuade that individual. But if I am unsuccessful, I will report the incident to the police and do everything I can to bring the window breaker to justice.

No one is above the law. Politically motivated crime is still crime. Black Bloc cannot succeed if we refuse to tolerate it. They will not attempt these tactics if they know they will be brought to justice.

Speaking only for myself, I will not tolerate crime under any circumstances, and am not interested in any sophist argument about the precise definition of violence.



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