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Occupy Buffalo's belonging after raid

Cuomo's Loot: Occupy Buffalo's belonging after raid

Our next Occupy Supply online meet-up is Sunday, February 12th, at 2:00 PM Eastern. Register now.

In an effort to share strategies and best-practices among Occupy groups, Sunday’s Occupy Supply town hall webinar discussion will be: “My Occupation Was Raided: Now What Do I Do?”

Occupiers who have lived through eviction and come back strong will join us to talk about their experiences and share what they’ve learned in the aftermath. The panel includes:

The panelists will discuss lessons learned, things they wish they’d done differently, the need for contingency planning and what held their groups together through tough times. There will be an open question-and-answer period after the panel discussion where webinar attendees can chat with the panelists.

With growing numbers of evictions and the introduction of anti-Occupy legislation in towns and cities across America, we hope this conversation will be helpful to occupiers with encampments that want to hear how other groups have faced the challenges they are currently experiencing, as well as those without encampments who are working to foster good community relations and sustain energy and enthusiasm in their occupy group.

This meeting is open to anyone – liaison, occupier, or otherwise – who wants to discuss lessons, strategies and ideas about what to do when your Occupation has been raided, and we hope you’ll join us to share your thoughts and experiences.

Occupy Supply holds webinar meetings each Sunday at 2pm and Wednesday at 8pm ET. They are open to anyone who wants to discuss the future of the Occupy movement.

At upcoming webinars where occupiers will be discussing:

You can find a recap of Wednesday’s very successful webinar on how to FOIA for Occupy here.

Click here to register for Occupy Supply meet-up & discussion on Sunday, 2/12 at 2:00 PM Eastern

You can also download a flyer on tomorrow’s webinar for distribution at your local occupy: [PDF]

Question? Contact us at occupysupply AT firedoglake DOT com.

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