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Occupy Nashville: The End Is (Thursday) Nigh

Occupy Nashville 11 Feb 2

Unless something unexpected happens, this Thursday could see the end of Occupy Nashville’s presence at Legislative Plaza. This doesn’t mean the end of ON; they’re still weighing their options, but right now their main concerns are protecting their homeless friends who have been braving the elements 24/7 at the Plaza (last night was in the 20’s with flurries, and today was sunny but near freezing, with lows in the teens predicted for tonight) and also the protection of community property. Open Table will be providing a warm and safe haven tonight.

Occupy Nashville GA 11 Feb 3

Because the TN Legislature has been crafting revenge with a vengeance. As it stands now, the House and Senate bills will prohibit camping, along with anything related to camping, in the Plaza, which will now be a Class A misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $2,500 and up to 11 months and 29 days in jail. And the word is that there is pressure building to make at least one example. In spite of this, about a half dozen Occupiers plan on being arrested, although the situation is fluid. More will be known this Tuesday when the Committee decides when to place the bills on the calendar. After ‘debate,’ the bills will be voted on and passed.

Occupy Nashville Michael 11 Feb

In addition to the steep penalties, all Occupiers’ possessions can be confiscated and not returned. There will be no camping, and no tents, although the law so far guarantees the right to protest 24/7. Protestors could be charged with other crimes instead of/along with practicing the First Amendment, such as trespassing. If someone’s name is found on something inside a tent, even if that person isn’t present, they could still be arrested.

Yet, this week can actually be scored as Christians 3, Lions 1, as ON continues to sneer at adversity, racking up three impressive victories this week alone. First and foremost, Chase has backed off on Helen Bailey’s foreclosure.

Second, Wells Fargo now has to produce original documents in regards to the foreclosure case against Janice Davis

Third, a planned action against Trader Joe’s because of their refusal to honor the Fair Food Agreement was cancelled today due to victory. While this will boost the cost of tomatoes by a penny per pound, pickers will be able to afford to live to be able to pick tomatoes. Publix and Kroger’s are still refusing to sign, but there is a hunger strike planned outside of Publix’ corporate headquarters in Florida March 5th, as they are refusing to even meet with the workers.

What sort of people might be upset at such good news, you might ask? Meet the lions of Tennessee’s Most Christian Legislature. First up is Eric P Watson, who believes that, “the Occupy Nashville movement has actually exploited the homeless for their own political benefit. Such exploitation is condemned by Jesus and his followers.” Another outstanding fan of the Man from Galilee is Vance Dennis, who has inserted the no camping clause in the eviction bills. He’s also in favor of bullies inserting pain into children. You could say he wants to “stomp a mudhole” into helpless children, but that would deny Richard Floyd his moment in the slime light. You might say Our Most Christian Legislature is going “great guns” in it’s war on the unworthy, but it gets to be like shooting fish in a barrel.

A true Christian has spoken up.

This Tuesday is Valentine’s Day; why not show them some love? They’ll be outside Metro Board of Education on Bransford Ave with the United Steel Workers and the SEIU supporting staff unions.

Mavis and Jimmy provide some additional proselytizing.

“Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning” performed by Nigel McTrusty, from the album, “If I had My Way; A Cigar Box Guitar Tribute To Blind Willie Johnson,” available free.

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