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Documents Expose Corporate Corruption By Macy’s Inc.


Note: Author of this article does not endorse, have any interest in, or affiliated with any of  the companies mentioned. This article is researched, written, to strictly expose corporate corruption. Excerpts taken from the documents are in blue.

The Documents can be found at Civil Action Number 08-018235-cz

Macy’s department store was founded in 1858, New York City, by Rowland Hussey Macy. Macy’s was once the worlds largest department store. Macy’s is well know for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and their sponsorship of NYC 4th of July fireworks. As of 2011, Macy’s revenue was $139 million. Macy’s has over 800 locations and 41 Bloomingdales stores. As of 2009, Macy’s employed 167,000 people. Macy’s sells clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, and housewares. More information and history on Macy’s can be found on Wikipedia and USAToday. Even though Macy’s is one of the biggest department stores in the world, is responsible for putting on the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and sponsors the NYC fireworks, you will be suprised at what really goes on behind the scenes. Documents obtained from the law firm Puckett and Faraj details the wrongful tactics Macy’s uses against their competitors and the wrongful treatment of suspected shoplifters.

Macy’s Inc. Corporate Corruption Exposed

Civil Action Number 08-018235-CZ. State Of Michigan in the circuit court for county of Wayne, Goodfellas Wear, LLC, a Michigan limited liability company and WISSAM AOUN Plaintiffs VS Macy’s East, an unincorporated division of Macy’s Retail Holdings Inc., and Douglas Bucher, Defendants. Puckett and Faraj PC was Attorney for GoodFella’s and Plunkett Cooney were Attorney’s for Macy’s, Bucher. Goodfella’s is a retail clothing store located in the city of Detroit. Goodfella’s is owned and operated by Wissam Aoun. Several lines of clothing carried by Macy’s is also carried by Goodfella’s. Godfella’s competes with Macy’s but selling those products at discounted prices. All Goodfella’s products are authentic and not counterfeit or “knockoffs”. Macy’s sales of the “Hip Hop” clothing were affected because of this competition. The documents state:

Wissam Aoun and Goodfellas adversely affected Macys sales of thehip hoplines of clothing through legal and legitimate competitive sales policies that offered the same product line at a lower cost in an environment that specifically appealed to customers interested inhip hopclothing lines. Wissam Aoun competed with Macys by entering into contracts with the same merchants that sold to Macys. He was able to keep overhead low and turnover of merchandise high by establishing Goodfellas in an area of Detroit that is more convenient to his customers and less expensive to run than the high cost mall spaces Macys typically occupies. This enabled him to successfully compete against Macys

Macy’s would attempt to beat the competition from Goodfella’s via Wrongful, Illegal, tactics. Not only does Macy’s use Security Cameras and RFID tags, they also employ Investigators. These Investigator are instructed and trained to detain citizens they suspect of shoplifting. The documents reveal what the Wrongful,and what should be Illegal tactics that these Investigators use against citizens:

Macys employs investigators who are instructed and trained to detain people they suspect of shoplifting. These investigators interrogate, threaten and confine people who are apprehended on suspicion of shoplifting until they agree to cooperate in Macys investigations into sales of stolen Merchandise. Macys does not conduct independent investigations into the veracity of the information they obtain from people they detain. Suspects are offered a choice between providing information on whom they are selling to or facing criminal prosecution”

What I find disturbing in these documents, is how these “Investigators” can threaten and confine citizens on suspicions of shoplifting. I do not have the proof as to how these “Investigators” threaten suspects. It is my opinion that threatening suspects should be illegal. Further more, suspects should not be put in confinement. Judging by the evidence presented in these documents, Macy’s is violating citizens rights.  Every person has a right to remain silent. Every person has a right to know that anything revealed by them could be used against them. Every citizen has the right to a Lawyer. Every citizen is innocent until proven guilty regardless of how obvious the crime. It is up to the Judicial System to determine a citizens guilt/innocence. Who grants these “Investigators” the right to interrogate, threaten and confine citizens? Who grants these “Investigators” the power to be Police, Detectives, Investigator’s, Judges and Juries aka the Judicial System? The tactics used by Macy’s against Goodfella’s can best be described as unethical, illegal.

Deceit, dis-information, lies, by Veera Boatman and Douglas Bucher, investigators employed by Macy’s:

Veerea Boatman and Douglas Bucher are investigators employed by Macys. Ms. Boatmen initiated contact with the Wayne County Sherriff department. She and Mr. Bucher provided information that led the Wayne County Sherriffs department to believe that Goodfellas was engaged in illegal activities. That information was used to obtain a search warrant that resulted in the seizure of Goodfellasmerchandise with a retail value of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ms. Boatman testified that when beginning an investigation, she triesto do undercover sales of purportedly stolen merchandise into the store with the hopes of eventuallyshutting that business down for selling stolen goods. Macys failed to successfully make even a single sale to Goodfellas or any of its employees. Neither Wissam Aoun nor any of his employees have ever purchased Macys stolen or purportedly stolen merchandise. Nonetheless, Macys led Wayne County to believe that Goodfellas was engaged in a criminal enterprise resulting in the issuance of a search warrant and the seizure of most of Goodfellasmerchandise resulting in severe harm to Goodfellasability to continue to operate and most certainly benefiting Macys competitive advantage”

Now, how Macy’s pulled off this unethical, deceitful, illegal tactic against its competitor Goodfella’s: Douglas Bucher “Investigator” for Macy’s provides dis-information/lies:

Douglas Bucher is an employee and agent of Macys. Bucher is the Special Investigations Unit manager. Evaluation of his performance is directly linked to his ability to implicate people in criminal activity related to his employer, Macys. Bucher provided information that led to the issuance of a search warrant and seizure of Goodfellasmerchandise. Yet Bucher testified that he did not witness Wissam Aoun or any Goodfellas employees ever purchase stolen Macys merchandise The sole basis for Buchers suspicion was his belief that Mohamed Aoun entered Goodfellas with a Macys bag presumably containing Macys clothing.”

Recon Management Company exposed for deceit, lies, dis-information against Goodfella’s. Recon Management is a security company hired by Macy’s to determine if the merchandise sold by Goodfella’s was genuine or counterfeit:

“Recon Management participated in the raid on Goodfellas under the direction of Macys. They decided that the New Era Caps sold by Goodfellas were counterfeit They were wrong. None of the items seized at the Goodfellas store were determined to be counterfeit.Goodfellas has never sold counterfeit goods nor has it ever knowingly sold stolen merchandise.”

Further corporate corruption as Macy’s falsely represented that their employees acted under the direction of Deputy Montgomery in the raid against Goodfella’s:

On the day Goodfellas was raided and their rightfully purchasedauthenticproducts seized, Macys employees and agents entered the store and directed the seizure of Goodfellas merchandise that directly competed with Macys. In total, approximately seventy large boxes of authentic merchandise that had been legitimately purchased by Goodfellas was seized by the Wayne County Sherriff based on representations by Macys employees and agents that the merchandise was either stolen or inauthentic. Macys employees who directed this seizure had no reasonable or good faith basis to believe that the majority of the merchandise they seized were Macys products.Further, while Macys represents that their employees acted under the direction of Deputy Montgomery, Deputy Montgomerys testimony establishes that Macys employees were in fact directing the seizure of items belonging to Goodfellas that also happened to be sold by Macys. Thus, the vast majority of the merchandise seized by Macys and the Wayne County sheriff were seized under the direction of Macys employees who had no reason to believe that this merchandise rightfully belonged to Macys.”

Summary of case/events:

Defendant Macy’s and its agents had no reason to believe that Goodfellas was selling counterfeit merchandise or merchandise stolen from Macy’s. It also failed to follow its own established procedures to conduct even a minimal inquiry into whether Goodfellas was purchasing stolen merchandise from Macy’s. Instead, it chose to use its influence with the Wayne County sheriff’s department to seize merchandise, allege through its agent Recon Management that Goodfellas sold counterfeit merchandise, and then contact vendors it knew Goodfellas had legitimate contractual relationships with to inform these vendors that Goodfellas was selling counterfeit merchandise and was under investigation by Macy’s and the Wayne County sheriff for selling stolen goods. These vendors include Coogi, Sean John, and Akademiks, all of whom suspended, then canceled their contracts with Plaintiff shortly after receiving these phone calls.”

In closing:

Within the Corporate world there is great wealth and even greater power. Within the Corporate world there is great abuses of power against citizens, competition. This abuse is often covered up or kept secret. I have decided to take the step in helping to exposing this Corporate Corruption to the citizens of the world. Citizens of the world have the right to truth and truth must not remain in secrecy or be clouded by dis-information. We will no longer live in a world of secrecy for that world is slowly passing away. We will no longer be influenced by the main stream media reporting. We are now living in the age of Alternative Media. We must also rid ourselves of any fear of repercussion for researching and reporting on the truth.

Final summary:

Macys used their investigators and the weight of their corporate brand to induce the Wayne County Sherriff into seizing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that is lawfully owned by Goodfellas.”

Special thanks to all the people who have inspired me to research and report on the truth.

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