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“Credit Card Services” Phone Scam

I just got another call from “Credit Card Services.” It’s not the first call I’ve gotten. Won’t be the last.

They want to lower my credit card interest rate.

The scam works something like this:

You answer the phone. A recorded message says something like, “We need to talk to you immediately about your credit card balance.  Press 1 to talk to an agent, or press 2 to be removed from our calling list.”


As you probably know, when you hang up they will keep calling (the computer doesn’t tire of ‘dialing’ your number. If you press 2, you are telling the scammers that you are a live person (not to be confused with a corporation) and they will keep calling you anyway. If you press 1, you will get to talk to a real Homo sapiens. I won’t say ‘person’ because these creeps prey on the unaware and feeble.

They start out asking how much debt you have on credit cards. If it’s more than $5000, they can get you a low interest rate between 3 and 6% depending on how high your current rate is. It sounds great!


Don’t give them any information. It is a scam! All they want is the card #, the 3 digit security code and the expiration date.

And you get the 3% shaft.


Every time they’d call, I’d press 2 wanting them to put me on their no-call-list. It didn’t work.


I then answered the call and asked the Homo sapiens to put me on the no-call-list. They would hang up on me.


I then went to Google and entered, “credit card services+scam” and found pages of irate people who also keep receiving these calls.


There are several things you can do. Copy the # and report it to your state AG. You can scream at them. Some people even get boating signal horns and give the scammers a blast. Lately, I go along with the scam, leading them to believe I am a not-so-smart person and keep them on the line for as long as I can. My record is 8+ minutes. As long as they are on the line with me, they are not taking $$ from anyone. Try it. While you are keeping them on the phone, you can peruse FDL.

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