When the movie trailers for Game Change (debuts March 10 on HBO) and Iron Sky (debuts in theaters on April 4) came out, a few Alaska blogs covered them.  Even though I live in Wasilla and have known Palin for far too long, I’ve pretty much stopped covering her, as she’s no longer the major danger to the direction of political discourse she once was.

Palin pretty much did herself in, which was inevitable.  But as the GOP presidential primary and caucus scene gets more complicated, we’ll see Palin doing everything she can to attempt to be part of what might end up being some sort of an arbitration process.

Her speech Friday at the end of the CPAC Convention has been hailed by supporters and critics as one of her better efforts.  The Christian Science Monitor even went so far as to insinuate Palin back into the center of the GOP vortex – “Sarah Palin wows CPAC. But has the race for the White House moved beyond her?”

We’ll see.  Jesse Griffin, an Alaska Blue Dog blogger and Obama apologist, who basically survives off  of nipping at Palin, writes quite effectively of the CPAC speech:

Palin is fired up like we have not seen her since the 2008 campaign.

Clearly this is what she has been preparing for during the last several months.

Her big comeback.

As much as I hate to say it, she hits EVERY note that this crowd wants to hear, and throws out more red meat than a train slamming through a herd of caribou.

Just a sample: “The Tea Party rose up, because Americans WOKE up! And our movement, it is bigger than one person. It is bigger than one candidate. It is bigger than one party. It’s about one country united under God. We aren’t red Americans.  We’re not blue Americans. We’re red, white, and blue, and President Obama we are through with you!”

Even at the 7:00 mark the OWS protestors cannot stop her momentum.

She not only leads the crowd in a chant to shout the protestors down, which evolves into a chant of “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah,” she then takes a victory lap at the end, in which, bathed in the crowd’s adulation, she trumpets her victory over the interlopers, “See you just won! You see how easy that is?”

There is little doubt that this speech, chock full of attacks on the President, will inspire her followers to start throwing money at her again by the truckloads, while fantasizing that THIS clearly means that she has reconsidered and is now ready to throw her hat into the ring and save the country from the evils of the Obama administration.

And that is exactly why she showed up.

It is.   And her nutty supporters will send her scores of thousands of dollars for her effective use of a teleprompter.

But she’s as doomed as a political fixture as Thomas Eagleton was in the late summer of 1972. The two movies, coming out over the next couple of months, will be the final straw.

Here’s an opportunity for comparison and contrast of the three most recent images of Palin.

The Sci-Fi Iron Sky Trailer:

The Game Change Trailer:


The Palin CPAC speech:

Going beyond what Griffin noted earlier in the article quoted above, that “this crowd wants to hear, and [she] throws out more red meat than a train slamming through a herd of caribou,” one can contemplate that the GOP may once again have to resort to a VP candidate on the stump who can do just that in September and October.  And that candidate will have to be a solid evangelical or fundamentalist Christian.

They’re sort of stuck.  Gingrich was Protestant, but has converted to Catholicism.  Santorum is Catholic.  Romney is Mormon.  It just cannot work for them.  If Paul is VP, defense contractor and Zionist money instantly dries up, so he’s out.   Eric Cantor would bring in money, but not votes.

They are going to be tied with having to go for another “Game Change.”



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