No One Could Have Anticipated, Vol. #249

Karen Handel, the new presidential advisor for women's health? (photo: Rich Lacey/flickr)

Who didn’t see this coming?

According to the AP, via the Washington Post, Obama is going to make an announcement today with regard to the growing fight with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops over the requirement under the new health care laws that employers provide insurance that covers contraception with no co-pays or deductibles. Speculation is rife as to exactly what this “compromise” will look like.

I’m guessing the announcement will end with “. . . and I’d like to introduce my new presidential adviser for women’s health, Karen Handel.”

Scarecrow is right: this is not about freedom of religion. It’s about power, specifically the power of Catholic bishops to impose their strongly held beliefs about the superiority of their consciences over the consciences of anyone else.

And this “compromise” — whatever it may be — will do nothing to satisfy the bishops. It will, on the other hand, embolden them to push for more . . .

No one could have anticipated . . .

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