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Sifting Through The Syrian Sands…

There seems to be a contentious debate raging here at myFDL about the use of various sources and, inparticular about who’s sources are right and whose are wrong…! I would posit that both ‘sides’ are right in gloaming upon any sort of semblance of the ‘truth’ in what is truly transpiring on the ground in say, Homs, Damascus, and/or Aleppo…! I remember a very similar debate occuring here during the Libyan fiasco, and, I wrote several diaries about my thoughts on it like this one: ‘Intervention – Disaster For Libyans’… Not being a ‘cruise missile liberal’ I had completely disagreed(and still disagree) with the entire ‘Right to Protect’ (R2P) UN/Nato fallacy…!

I would like to start off by stating, unequivocally, that Nobody’s Hands are Clean in Syria, be it if they’re the various Nation-States, the Syrian Govt, NGOS, Religious Sects/Orgs, Western Media, etc…! They’re all bloody…!

b at Moon of Alabama, brings it into proper perspective…

The Western Logic Of Intervention In Syria

1. China and Russia vetoed the recent western UN Security Council resolution because they feared that the west’s intention, despite denials, was regime change in Syria by force.

The west has now decided to disprove their “disgusting” fears wrong by attempting regime change by force in Syria.

2. It is feared that a prolonged internal struggle in Syria could create problems in countries surrounding Syria.

The west must therefore act to intensify and prolong the struggle in Syria by destabilizing countries surrounding Syria.

3. The best way to better human rights in a multi-faith country ruled by a secular plutocracy is to weaponize those backward religious forces that will provide for the most savaging sectarian-dictatorial rule possible.

Seriously folks, digest each one of those points…!

Now, one truly needs to grasp the full demographics and history of Syria to even begin to parse through all the ink (and blood) being spilled…!

And for what…? It should always be realized that the most Profitable Corps ever, are gaming the system in whatever manner they can, as the ever intrepid, Pepe Escobar sums up in his latest Magnum Opus…

(6)What’s the Western strategy on the ground?

Borzou Daragahi from the Financial Times has just confirmed that militias in Misrata, in Libya, announced the deaths of three Libyan de facto mercenaries in Syria. These Libyan Transitional National Council assets landed in Syria – alongside weapons stolen from Gaddafi’s warehouses – courtesy of NATO cargo planes.

For months now, as Asia Times Online has reported, French and British special forces have been training fighters in Iskenderun, in southern Turkey. The Central Intelligence Agency is involved in intel and communications.

The FSA(Free Syrian Army) uses the ultra-porous Syrian-Turkish border at will. Turkey built several refugee camps; and Ankara hosts the leaders of both the SNC and FSA. There’s also the Jordanian front – the connection to the heavy Islamist (and backward) Daraa. But the Syrian-Jordanian border is infested with mines and heavily patrolled; that implies a long 200-kilometer detour in the middle of the desert.

Most of all FSA fighters go back and forth from Lebanon. The privileged smuggling route is from the northern Bekaa valley in Lebanon toward the opposition strongholds, the Sunni-majority cities of Homs and Hama. There’s another route from the central Bekaa valley going south toward the suburbs of Damascus (that explains how both strongholds are being supplied). But the whole thing is very dangerous, because Syrian ally Hezbollah is very strong in the Bekaa valley.

7. Who’s winning?

Assad has promised – once again this Tuesday to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – there will be a new constitution and national elections by summer. Half-hearted or not, this is an attempt at reform.

Yet the usual, unnamed “government officials” have already leaked to CNN that the White House has asked the Pentagon to simulate game scenarios for a direct US military intervention in favor of the rebels. So a NATOGCC intervention bypassing the UN remains a solid possibility; a false flag operation blamed on the Assad regime might be the perfect casus belli.

8. And what about the Syria-Iran connection?

Syria is crucial to Iran’s sphere of influence in Southwest Asia/the eastern flank of the Arab nation. BRICS members Russia and China want to keep the status quo – because it implies a regional balance of power that pins down American hegemony. For China, uninterrupted Iranian supplies of oil and gas are a matter of extreme national security. On top of it, if the US is tied up in the Middle East, so the much-touted Obama administration/Pentagon “pivot” towards Asia, and especially the South China Sea, will take much longer.

The bulk of Washington elites see regime change in Syria as a crucial way to hurt Iran. So this goes way beyond Syria. It’s about shattering the Iranian regime, which is not a Western satrapy; energy flows from the Middle East to the West; the West’s grip on the GCC and the intersection between the Arab and Persian worlds; and preserving the role of the petrodollar. Syria-Iran is a now a titanic match between NATOGCC and Russia/China – to try to expel them from the Middle East. The Pentagon’s Full Spectrum Dominance doctrine is never more alive than when the jackals and hyenas of war are screaming and kicking.

Now, remember that DoD is the largest single consumer of Oil…

…The DoD uses 360,000 barrels of oil each day. This amount makes the DoD the single largest oil consumer in the world. There are only 35 countries in the world consuming more oil than DoD…

They know which side their bread is buttered…!

Just think of how many interlocking directorates are involved in our vast sprawling DHS/MIC/Intel Apparatchik…!

In this Eleventy-Dimensional Chess Match, the Western MOTU’s are trying to position themselves in a veritable Win-Win scenario, in that, they’ll win if they ‘destabilise’ Iran/Syria through regime change, and/or, short of regime change, they’ll still profit enormously off the ginormous spike in the cost of Oil…! What the clueless bastards are failing to grasp is the real whirlwinds of change they’re whipping up…!

Here, there and everywhere…!


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