This morning I was thinking about Occupy and I posted a few of their videos on my site as well as one from Bill McKibben about the work of 350.   FDL keeps the news about Occupy alive so I’m not posting the videos here to take up bandwidth.

Yes, the Occupy Movement is alive, well and thriving–but don’t expect to read much about it in mainstream media or hear the candidates discussing it.  It’s up to you and me and folks like us to support our local and national occupy groups.  I contribute whenever I can, as like FDL, I consider Occupy to be one of the most important American institutions that we have going for the majority today.  The plutocrats  hope that we will go away. We won’t. We will only grow stronger.

Yes, we need to occupy Congress, AND we need to occupy Congress with more than a demonstration.  We need to occupy Congress by getting ourselves elected and going to Washington to serve the people.  More people like me need to run for Congress and they are beginning to stand up and run and you need to support them with your votes whenever you can.

That is why I am running as an Independent for US Representative of the 32nd District of Texas.  If I lose, it will not be because Pete Sessions had millions more than I do in his campaign coffers, it will be because the majority of those living in the 32nd district of Texas not stand up for me and vote in their best interests.  It will be because they stayed home and didn’t vote at all.  It will be because they “didn’t want to throw away their vote” and so they voted for one of the status quo parties.

Money does not win elections.  Ask Mitt Romney.  Ask Meg Whitman. Ask Christine O’Donnell.

You and I and our votes win elections. We can’t afford to sit at home.  Future generation are counting on you and me to stop pretending the the Democrats and Republicans in Congress represent us.


I’ve done a lot of thinking about it and rather than follow the examples of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, or Pete Sessions, I’ve decided to follow the path of people like Jesus, Gandhi and Mother Teresa.  No, I don’t put myself in their beautiful class (although Gandhi was not without his flaws).  I aspire to their humble examples as opposed to the Wall Street sponsored examples of the three men I initially mentioned.

Thus I will not raise one cent of money for my campaign. I will have no campaign coffers.  I will not take a dime from anyone.  Instead, I will ask citizens of the 32nd district to contribute to our community in my name and to tell others about me.  My district has enough children living below the poverty line to fill the Dallas Cowboy Stadium twice.  Rather than buy political yard signs for me or a 15 second spot on TV badmouthing Pete Sessions, I ask the people of my community to do something for the children who live in the 32nd district.  Then yes, put a yard sign with EMMA BERRY on it–but make it yourself with materials that you have on hand and then make a sign for your neighbor too.  Spread the word by being fully present in the moment with real people.  It’s the real people who can change the world.

If I were to have a campaign slogan, it would be “Homie Don’t Play Their Stinking Wall Street Money Game and neither does EMMA”

It’s time for a new currency folks–the currency of human action and passion for doing the right thing.  And if it’s not obvious to you that neither the leadership of the Democrats nor the Republicans are up to the task, then you need to start paying closer attention.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry