Here’s  a finding from a recent Pew poll:

People under age 30 are divided in their views of both capitalism and socialism. But to Americans age 65 and older, socialism is clearly a negative (72%), not a positive (13%), term.



By contrast, socialism is a far more divisive word, with wide differences of opinion along racial, generational, socioeconomic and political lines. Fully nine-in-ten conservative Republicans (90%) view socialism negatively, while nearly six-in-ten liberal Democrats (59%) react positively.


Guess what, you rightwing geriatric hypocrites? MEDICARE IS SOCIALISM!  You wanna get rid of socialism in the US? FINE. We’ll just re-institute it, and a better, single payer, universal version of it, once all you bastards are dead and out of the way (and an immediate abolition of Medicare should  expedite that process immensely.)

We see that your plan is for us to pay for your medical care until you live to some ripe old age, but you want it slowly phased out so that we’ll be left high and dry in our old age. How ’bout FUCK THAT.

We might be the most leftist, PC, touch-feely generation in almost a hundred years, but we do still have a functioning survival instinct. And this is war. And we weren’t the ones who declared it.

I say, completely end all Medicare now and slowly phase it back in over the coming decades. That sounds like a much more rational strategy for us and our posterity.




I’m kinda joking, of course. But there has to be some way to get it through these people’s heads that their whole generation has declared war on the younger. And maybe we do need to grow some balls/ovaries and stop being so damn nice all the time.