Tempest in a teapot, a ladle, a teacup

Cicero, in the first century BC, in his De Legibus stated:  “Gratidius excitabat fluctus in simpulo, ut dicatur”, translated: “Gratidius raised a tempest in a ladle.

The French referred to the popular uprising in the Republic of Geneva near the end of the 17th century as “une tempete dans une verra d’eau” (a tempest in a glass of water).

I refer to the current Republican primaries as “tempests in a cracked teapot.”


You may notice that the media leave out an important feature in their reporting of these primary events:  the percentage of voters who actually show up to vote in these Republican primaries.  That says a lot about the true interest.

For example, I don’t know the actual percentage of Republicans who showed up to vote in Colorado but yesterday afternoon I heard on the radio that the percentage was estimated to be as low as 10% of the registered Republicans. Then, if you will consider that the registered Republicans are a minority of registered voters in many of these states.  .  .  Well, you get the big picture, don’t you?  And it’s quite a bit different from the picture that the media are trying to paint–that of a nation moving to the right.

Romney gave a small taste as to how he will be responding to his defeat in the coming weeks.  Looks like he plans to hit Santorum, Gingrich and Paul hard as being Washington insiders.  That’s a smart tactic and it will work against Obama too. When it comes to Washington DC, that is Romney’s unique claim–he is an outsider.  However, he forgets that when it comes to being a Wall Street insider, he may be the champion.

“Washington will never be reformed by those who have been compromised by the culture of Washington. This is a clear choice. I’m the only person in this race, Republican or Democrat, who has never served a day in Washington. And where I come from, leadership is about starting a business, not trying to get a bill out of committee,” Romney said.


We have Maine this Saturday February 11 and then Michigan and Arizona on February 28.

Maine is up for grabs, but I would expect Romney to win Michigan handily.  Arizona is another toss up.  And the wagons will grind on bringing the greatest show on earth to its next stop where, instead of addressing the real issues of  lack of jobs and the poverty in these states, these politicians will be spending millions to advertise promises as thin as air while extracting the price of a ticket in the form of a “donation” to continue their fabulous hot air machine.

Few seem to notice –thanks in great part to the bubble of faux importance created by mainstream media–that the crowds are thinning out and the Circus Masters, with a few of their close friends are the only ones who seem to be attending their show. They fail to notice that much of the audience is regrouping in tents and on main street.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry

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