A Diary on Structure


Powerful hands preempt the game by forging a solid tower of individual blocks in competition with their selves, persuading the individual blocks that a tower is more stable than a single layer or two of blocks strewn over the land.  So, the blocks are added to each other, each layer exerting force on the layer below; those towards the bottom naturally bearing the brunt of the mass.

The game begins.  Each round consists of the powerful hands forcing a block out of its place in ‘stability’ and moving it to a new location, alienating itself until another block is forced to join it.  Holes are left, blocks are isolated, but,  new block placement is integral to growth at the top.

The game wears on.  The new purpose of construction isn’t one of stability; rather, a secret set of ambitions added in a way to fuel the assent towards an unknowable and unforeseeable destination.  Each new layer adds stress to the layer below as the tower begins to show signs of weakness and fragmentation.  The hands realize it’s impossible to move the blocks at the bottom due to the mass being exerted from the superior layers, deciding to instead move blocks from the middle that have been moved previously.

Then, one arrogant push causes the tower to fall, leaving nothing but a scattered collection of individual blocks lying in waste from the collapse, until a new game starts, and the same blocks have their memories erased and are again used to build another tower.

But what if the blocks resisted before the new construction?  What if they were defiant and refused to be placed into the structured ascension?  It starts with a few blocks, as they see their brothers and sisters plucked from the ground and placed at various intervals as the new tower is constructed.  Whether the trend catches on or not is of no significance, as it is primarily an individual agenda due to the fact the hands will ultimately place the blocks back in the box (in tower form) and in the closet, with the door shut and the lights off until it’s time for the next experiment.

Perhaps ‘cynical realism’ isn’t such a bad thing in such times as long with it’s backed with defiance.  It may not sway the masses and inhibit the  growth of the tower, but if we’re all to be placed in the closet in the end, we might as well go fighting.

Call it laziness, ineptitude, stupidity, dangerous, radical, socialist, communist, masochist, anarchist, arrogance, individualist, shortsightedness, delusion, confusion, terrorism or any other word; and it may be expressed in these ways, but defiance is at its core and will live in all humans who’s individual thought cannot be poisoned, manipulated, and duplicated.

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