Some time ago, I wrote a post concerning the water issues here in Portland, about the efforts of the water bureau to circumvent due diligence in pursuing the imposition of the EPA LT-2 rule. Scott Fernandez, a micro biologist, was, and still is, at the forefront, persisting in his efforts, along with many others, in holding city council accountable for their actions.

Today, I want to announce the next step in his efforts: Scott Fernandez has just announced his candidacy for Mayor, City of Portland.

Fernandez is beholding to no special interests. He will truly be a people’s mayor.

I know these diaries stay up for but short period of time. Fernandez knows of this post and has agreed to check in. It’s a good but short time to ask any questions or offer comments.

Thank you all. FDL rocks !



Lawrence Hudetz

Lawrence Hudetz