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Senator Patrick Leahy is ignoring allegations of misconduct by a judicial nominee

Senator Patrick Leahy (photo: mcconnellcenter, flickr)

Senator Patrick Leahy (photo: mcconnellcenter, flickr)

How else can one explain the following statement, meant to pressure Senate Republicans to confirm 19 nominees for federal courts, when Leahy is in receipt of allegations that one of them made false statements to a federal judge?

Leahy says the following:

But, month after month and year after year, Senate Republicans find new reasons and new tactics to delay confirmation of consensus judicial nominees for no good reason.

I wonder when I hear some Republican Senators claim credit for progress on nominations — and point to what they like to call “positive action” — how they can ignore the 19 judicial nominations being blocked for no reason.

The Senate should fill these numerous, extended judicial vacancies, not delay final action for no good reason.

I submit to you that making allegedly false statements to a judge is good reason to take pause. While true obstruction may be taking place, the statements above cannot hold across the board. Let’s take our time lest we confirm the wrong person for the post.

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