How bad was the Komen implosion last week? Ari Fleisher whose job it was to tell baldfaced (ha!) lies to the public as part of the run-up to the disastrous Iraq war that eventually cost America $800 billion, the lives of 4400 American service members to say nothing of the massive devastation of a fairly modern society driving it back to the stone age,  is all “I didn’t do it!” when his name is attached to the Komen Foundation.

In an interview just now, Fleischer confirmed to me that he had given some advice to Komen’s controversial director, Nancy Brinker. But he said that it was informal, that others were leading the group’s PR effort, and that he had not been asked to help the organization going forward. He described Brinker as a “friend.”

“They ask me stuff, they say, `What do you think about this statement, about that statement,’” Fleischer told me. “And I give them my thoughts. But obviously somebody else was leading their PR efforts. It certainly wasn’t me.”

“She called me two times last week,” Fleischer added, speaking about Brinker. “When Nancy calls, I’ll give her my informal advice.”

Asked what advice he had given Komen, Fleischer declined to specify. But he emphasized he’d played no role in advising the group on its now-infamous You Tube statement, and on its subsequent decision to hold a press conference, both of which turned into PR disasters.

“Somebody else is doing and driving their PR and I wish them the best of luck. Komen’s a great group and they need help,” Fleischer said. “No one has talked to me about helping them going forward.”

You know that scene in Inception when the van goes off the bridge and takes forever to finally hit the water below in order to give the characters the “kick” that will bring them back to reality? Yeah, this is kind of like that.

The Komen people are still in free fall…



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