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Rep. Deb Eddy Speaks Out as a Christian Supporter of Marriage Equality

Frequently the religious opponents of marriage equality speak as if their personal religious beliefs are universal. For example, Shahram Hadian made the following claim before the Washington state House Judiciary Committee today in his testimony against the Washington marriage equality bill:

This bill is discriminatory to the entire Christian community.

Mr. Hadian, a Republican candidate for governor in Washington, is pastor of Christ the King “Shine” Community Church in Everett and a member of the coalition of radical-right clergy opposing the marriage equality bill.

Although statements like Mr. Hadian’s are patently false — there are countless people of faith and entire religious denominations who support full LGBT equality — they rarely get challenged in the same forum in which they are made.

It was gratifying, then, to hear Rep. Deb Eddy (D-48, Kirkland) make the following statement just moments before the Judiciary Committee voted 7-5 to send the marriage equality bill to the House for debate and final passage:

Thank you Mr. Chair. I would have observed your wrap-up except something did come to mind that I feel needs to be said for the record. Sometimes I sit quietly when I shouldn’t.

This is a matter on which people of faith may respectfully disagree. And so while I understand while we have heard testimony from people of faith who disagree with this bill, I think we ought to acknowledge that in our first hearing we also heard from communities of faith — most notably mine, a Christian community — that fully support this bill and finds it perfectly consistent with the tenets of Jesus Christ, which we were taught as children.

Thank you, Rep. Eddy, for giving the proceedings balance by speaking your truth as a woman of faith and a supporter of civil marriage equality.

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer