In a  bizarre semi-articulate  waterfall of loosely connected ideas and words and fragmented sentences  leavened with pregnant pauses and unknowing asides, Breitbart blogger, CNN pity hire and  water sports enthusiast Dana Loesch explains to all the ladies (by which she means sluts and trollops, and booty-call strumpets) that if they are too fucking stupid to find the “prophylactics aisle” is their local Super Wal-Mart where they can buy cheap Chinese condoms in bulk, and then they end up getting pregnant because the divine spark of Jesus is washed o’er with some random guys baby batter, well too goddam bad; they’re just going to have to cede control of their body to that zygote because they are too irresponsible to make decisions about their own body although, apparently, these stupid knocked-up whores are responsible enough to raise a child.

So, give it up ladies.

Then these new mistake mommies can homes-chool their mistake babies so that they will grow smart just like Dana’s kids won’t.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....