I am back in the green/justice camp. Ron Pauls views on abortion and rape are too fringe. He is not electable.

I am really depressed right now. Obama is clearly trying to get us into war to please neocon donors, and left is so weak, and cant or wont stop him. The greens have no blogging infrastructure like the democrats have. They dont see the importance of using modern campaign techniques. The unions only care about existing unionized workers, and not those of us who work in service jobs. The libertarians are filled with out of touch unelectable old men, with pre 1950s views of sex, and pre 1960s views on civil rights. The fact that the only prominent women who publicly support Ron Paul are hookers at the mustang ranch indicates they were bought off. His abortion rights stand cant possibly appeal to any real women in that profession. ows appears to have died, and never took a stand on anything to begin with. Our economy is terrible. My own family cant get out of the economic funk and neither can I. There is no way to stop all the pain.

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