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Chris Hedges: Blac Bloc serves the interests of the 1%, threatens Occupy

From The Cancer in Occupy

The Black Bloc’s thought-terminating cliché of “diversity of tactics” in the end opens the way for hundreds or thousands of peaceful marchers to be discredited by a handful of hooligans. The state could not be happier. It is a safe bet that among Black Bloc groups in cities such as Oakland are agents provocateurs spurring them on to more mayhem. But with or without police infiltration the Black Bloc is serving the interests of the 1 percent. These anarchists represent no one but themselves. Those in Oakland, although most are white and many are not from the city, arrogantly dismiss Oakland’s African-American leaders, who, along with other local community organizers, should be determining the forms of resistance.
The explosive rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement came when a few women, trapped behind orange mesh netting, were pepper-sprayed by NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna. The violence and cruelty of the state were exposed. And the Occupy movement, through its steadfast refusal to respond to police provocation, resonated across the country. Losing this moral authority, this ability to show through nonviolent protest the corruption and decadence of the corporate state, would be crippling to the movement. It would reduce us to the moral degradation of our oppressors. And that is what our oppressors want.

Hedges also reports that when he reported death threats to the police, he became “to Black Bloc anarchists ‘a pig lover.'”

When OccupyX (or some offshoot of it) becomes better organized, and funded, IMO they should hire off duty cops to arrest people destroying property, attacking cops (e.g., by shoving a barricade at them), etc. I don’t know about the legalities involved, but if it’s a “go”, legally, I’d even recruit unpaid 20-30 year old males to do citizens’ arrests of Black Bloc type idiotic trouble makers.

Letting Blac Bloc types do their thing, while cowardly embedding themselves in Occupy groups that mostly reject their crazy tactics, is inviting situations like police firing rubber bullets into crowds where mothers are holding their babies. From what little I know about the Blac Block, I have no respect for them or their methods. Nor do I respect fuzzy-headed occupiers who may not approve of their methods (which I agree could sink Occupy!), but tolerate them, anyway.

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