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What part of “nothing left to lose” aren’t the Rich understanding?

Like the USA and other nations all over the world, the majority in Romania are rising up against the investor class and their globalization (worker slavery schemes).  Romania’s Prime Minister Emil Boc  resigns after austerity protests.

Mr Boc had imposed a 25% cut in public sector wages and a freeze on pensions.  Sales tax was also increased to 24%, in a country seen as Europe’s second poorest.

The rich seem to think that a flat rate tax or a sales tax are “fair” taxes.  That’s because they are clueless to think beyond the own boundaries of their extreme greed and selfishness.

If you remove 25% of the income of a poor person with a sales tax, combined with a 25% cut in their income, you  are making a 50% cut in their income.  The plutocratic leadership is not removing the ability of the majority to take a vacation cruise, or to buy that second vacation home in Hawaii.  They are removing the ability of the majority to put a roof over their heads, and in some cases to even feed themselves and their family.

And why were these measures being implemented?  Look no further than the IMF.  Romania said it needed to implement the measures to qualify for the next instalment of a 20bn-euro ($25bn; £17bn) bailout loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

As more and more citizens are reduced to the state of “nothing left to lose” you can expect to see more of them in the streets.


Most people don’t understand how the International Monetary Fund IMF really works.  It is just another racket, another get rich scheme designed by and for the rich. by the millionaire investor class plutocrats who run our government.

This is how it works.

First of all, the taxpayers of Western nations provide the funds for IMF.  Of course, if you don’t know by now that the rich use other people’s money to make themselves richer, then you have not been paying attention.  Not only do we not get to vote on whether we give the IMF money to fund the rich and their schemes, the leaders of our government actively work to hide these huge taxpayer donations to IMF.  For example, in June of 2009, the White House hid  a several billion dollar donation to IMF within the folds of a military appropriations bill.  After all,  we know that no American is going to look too closely at a military appropriations bill.  The corporate propagandists and war profiteers have made such a great case for war that to be against war is to be against America.

The USA is a 17.72% shareholder in the $950 bn IMF fund.  What that translates for us in the USA 99% is a little more than $168 billion of our taxpayer money is currently in the IMF fund.  [Source] Timmy Geithner manages that fund for us.  How’s that for a warm fuzzy?  A Goldman Sacks sock monkey manages the IMF fund for the taxpayers of the USA.

IMF comes in and pulls down the panties of a nation to that rich corporations can come in and rape the nation.  A perfect example of this happened to Indonesia in 1998. Former-Indonesian President Suharto signed a letter of agreement with IMF in 1998. The letter spelled out major reforms and austerity measures linked to a massive bailout of the Indonesia economy.  The fund demanded a king’s ransom from Indonesia as the price for its $40 billion assistance package.

Indonesia was told to raise taxes on state-owned companies;cancel 12 road, bridge and port projects; remove protections on dairy farmers; and eliminate price controls on cement – part of a long list that at one point included 140 items.”

Do you get the picture?  raise taxes on state-owned companies so they are less competitive with the private Wall Street Companies that the IMF wants to help import into the country.  Infrastructure?  Forget about that too!  Just like the USA.  By the way, our crumbling infrastructure in the USA is going to continue to cost even more American lives as our Congress drains the government tax coffers for revenues to pay for it.  Raise taxes on the rich to eventually pay for its repair–not likely as long as millionaires are in charge of our government.  Not as long as 44% of members of our Congress are multimillionaires.

Several of Bill Clinton’s friends in the energy business and their investors made millions off this deal–at the expense of the people of the USA and Indonesia.  We are the ones who foot the bill–not the rich,


44% of the US Congress consists of multimillionaires and most of them have been entrenched in Washington DC for more than 10 years.

They ALL must go.

If they don’t, then any American who expects change is a damn fool.

In fact,  if you are belong to the 77% of Americans who earn less than $100,000 a year and if you vote for either a Democrat or a Republican, then you are a damn fool who is voting against your own best interests.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry