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Something for progressives to think about: Out of sight is out of mind.

I will be off to the DFL Caucus here in Minnesota on Tuesday night. Darcy Richardson will be my choice for a real progressive alternative to this warmonger Obama. I will be presenting  my arguments to my friends and neighbors why Obama must go.


I will be asking my friends and neighbors attending the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party Precinct Caususes where registration begins at 6:30 P.M. the very fair, basic and fundamental question:


How is Barack Obama’s Wall Street war economy working for you?


I may even offer up a resolution or two for my friends and neighbors to consider. One resolution I have in mind concerns supporting the 1,300 workers American Crystal Sugar locked out here in the Red River Valley.


I don’t understand why there is this obsession with the Republican primaries here on FireDogLake when Obama’s deplorable record should be the focus of discussion with plans being made to support a progressive alternative to him in the General Election.


If we are wasting time discussing Republican candidates we won’t be voting for anyways, this is time we could be spending discussing the merits and programs of those progressives who are offering themselves up as alternatives to Wall Street’s agenda; thus putting before the american people our candidates for their consideration.


We all agree Wall Street runs the country, right? No matter what the rhetoric from Obama and Romney, Wall Street is going to steer the exact same course for our country and the world.


Have we learned nothing about linguistics and rhetoric from Obama?


What these politicians say to get votes means absolutely NOTHING. None of these Democrats or Republicans can be considered based on what they say. We need to consider that they will do what the financial contributors to their campaigns will be insisting they do. Obama and Romney both draw their campaign funds from the same deep Wall Street pockets ironically “contributing” the wealth the rest of us created. Obama has seamlessly continued the Bush agenda. There is no reason to believe that Romney would deviate from Obama’s course as directed and charted by Wall Street’s vulture capitalists.


We really need to be considering which alternative candidates we will be supporting and voting for— if we aren’t discussing these candidates in a way that offers the American people a progressive alternative agenda to Wall Street’s thoroughly reactionary agenda, who will?


Out of sight is out of mind.


We need to focus on Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Stewart Alexander, Darcy Richardson and Roseanne Barr instead of wasting our time pondering, or even considering, voting for the so-called “lesser evil” because Obama with his Wall Street imperialist agenda of assassinations and wars abroad paid for with his re-enforcement of institutionalized racism, attacks on democracy and austerity measures here at home is the epitome of the word “evil.”

This is a very insightful blog post by Cindy Sheehan—


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Alan Maki

Alan Maki