Well, that was an interesting day.

I started this Saturday morning with a nice peaceful paintball outing in Capitol Heights, just outside DC.

I was planning to go shower, finish off the remaining half of last night’s pizza, and sleep. But then I read on FDL that THOSE BASTARDS WERE KICKING OUT OCCUPYDC.

So my plans immediately changed to scrubbing off the paint in my beard & hair (instead of showering), finishing off 1/4 of the pizza instead of 1/2 (I was hungry, yo), and hopping on the Metro to get to McPherson Square.

Anyway, I got there at about 4:30pm, and this is what went down:

From K Street

This was the view from K Street at about 4:30pm. The park is on federal land, so this was a federal raid (Yaaay Obama!!) but it’s clear DC police were coordinating this. You can tell by the vans. DC cops shut down the streets surrounding the encampment before dawn in the morning. [cont’d.]

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