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Occupy the Blog! (2/5/2012)

We’ve had a lot of good posts and diaries about Occupations around the country since the last Occupy the Blog! As always, the reports are a mix of good news and bad news. Occupy Buffalo was evicted this week while supposedly the city was negotiating with the occupiers. Kevin Gosztola reported here while Jane Hamsher called out the authorities here and here. The folks at Occupy Buffalo reported here for us on the “Myths and Facts”:

MYTH 1: Since Occupy Buffalo has been evicted, the movement is over.
FACT 1: Occupy Buffalo is not going anywhere. We are still in Niagra Square and continue to organize and be active in the community!
General Assemblies are still scheduled for Saturdays at noon, and Mondays & Wednesdays at 7pm at Niagra Square. There is a calendar of events on our facebook page and our website

Come join us!

Kevin also reported on the eviction of Occupy DC here and here. Diarist jest also provided a first person account of the eviction in DC here with a lot of good pictures.

Kevin again provides an update for the extra steps the folks at Occupy Rochester are having to deal with here.

Kyushukev has had a couple of reports from Occupy Nashville. First up is this report from Tuesday on plans to Occupy the Legislature on Wednesday. Here is his report with some videos from the Wednesday action.

CTuttle has had a couple of reports on Occupy Honolulu and Occupy Hilo activities.

RFShunt had a report on some attempted generational warfare/mis-direction from a Koch Brothers mouthpiece here:

The uproariously named “” has a video out entitled “Why Geezers Are the True Enemy of the Occupy Movement” featuring Veronique de Rugy. In the video, Ms. de Rugy explains to young occupiers that the elderly have done deplorably well in the preceding few decades. This makes Nonna and Nonno the natural enemies of the young and should therefore be stripped of Social Security and Medicare. In her defense, she does stop short of suggesting they be taken to the nearest frozen mountaintop and set adrift.

Lest she be mistaken for some class warrior, Ms. de Rugy hastens to point out that even though many of the aged are rolling in enough gelt to keep them in poligrip and corrective shoes for the rest of their lives, they differ from the one-percent. The heroic one-percenters, you see, amassed their riches by making contributions to the economy, unlike grandma who fritters away her days watching Matlock reruns and has yet to outsource a single job.

He followed that up with the news that Occupy Pittsburgh had been given notice of eviction here.

With all of the bad news, there were a few areas with good news to report. Susan Marie let us know about Occupy OC:
Occupy OC Pic 1 from Susan M

Peaceful. That’s how I describe the scene here at Occupy-OC’s Fullerton encampment. Set in the duck pond section of Hillcrest Park on the banks of a concrete creek, this tidy tent city is a reflection of the residents who inhabit it.

Everyone I met on a sunny Tuesday morning greeted me with a smile and friendly hello. And everyone had something to say.

This is the group that has taken the time to negotiate the terms and conditions of their various long-term overnight Occupations. The results to date speak for themselves.

Progressivechris also gave us some good news from Occupy Harrisburg here:
Occupy Harrisburg Pic 4 from Chris

With the assistance of the Occupy Supply Fund and the Harrisburg Society of Friends [Quakers], Occupy Harrisburg continues to make a stand for social and economic justice right where it all began on October 15, 2011: at the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol. Occupy Harrisburg has been through a great deal in the past 100 days, and this entry will sum up the major actions and activities, which I meant to post well before now.

First, all of us at Occupy Harrisburg want to extend a huge THANK YOU! to Jane Hamsher, Steve C. and the Occupy Supply Fund for the incredible generosity shown to us. The donations have been overwhelming and have helped us persevere in the toughest weather conditions. Recently, Occupy Harrisburg received a second round of donations including full-body, cold-weather suits. These went to our stalwarts at the steps and were graciously received. Be assured that they have been put to good, and continuous, use since their arrival. We cannot express the deep sense of gratitude to all of the donors at the Occupy Supply Fund for their continuing support these past several weeks. Thank you, again!!

Please continue to provide reports at MyFDL on the activities and actions at the various occupations. Good news or bad, we want to hear from folks with as many first hand accounts as we can get.

Please DONATE to the Occupy Supply fund if you can. It is donations from people like you that allows Occupy Supply to help the Occupations survive the cold.

If you miss anything Occupy related, please check the Occupy Supply Headquarters page where you can find links to the most recent top Occupy related posts and diaries from the last few days, the links to the slideshow of pictures we’ve received, videos on Occupy Wall Street from around the web and the FDL Occupy Wall Street archives.

This link is to a HowTo: FDL Citizen Journalism in case you want to write a diary for your local efforts (or just wish to write a diary at MyFDL for whatever topic you choose). Keep us informed as you fight the power!

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