Occupy The World (chris holder, flickr)

Occupy The World (chris holder, flickr)


“The world is my country and my religion is to do good.” –Thomas Paine

Mission Statement: Taking the approach of social entrepreneurship, the Science and Sustainability Working Group, an international working group interested in assisting occupations throughout the country, will explore the utilization of free, abundant, renewable energy through teach-ins and hands-on training. We will also promote and assist with the creation of greenhouses/hydroponic gardens to ensure that the fruits and vegetables grown are fresh and organic.


Even with green technology, such as solar construction techniques as they are being implemented in zero energy construction, demand more natural resources and typically cost 150% more than traditional constructions, which fuels the perpetual debt and the mortgage system that has greatly bankrupted the nation.

It’s time we moved the campaign forward and start to implement some sane energy solutions and get rid of these foolish, antiquated, fossil fuel technologies. Even green technology can be as corrupted as current methods. This winter, we’re working to create our new Renewable Energy Discussion and Panel Series led by engineer Damian de Caires.

If 70% of the materials for a construction project are made from repurposed waste products, such as reused lumber, plastic bottles, and soda cans, then a project that would cost 150% can be built for only 70% of traditional cost. This would save more than half of the funds to do the same work. Caires will provide expertise and in depth insight as to how to create equipment to store renewable energy on a limited budget. This would be done by repurposing the budget, not going over the original allocation, and provide power to the people.

Contact Person(s)

Damian de Caires   Cell: 646 339 8069   solarcenter@rocketmail.com

Tobias A. Fox   Cell: 646-399-0337   Alinkage.School@gmail.com

P.O. Box 1038, Newark, New Jersey 07101


Damian de Caires, a nationally certified solar engineer with eight years of experience in renewable energy efficiency, inventor, scientist, and electrical engineer, was inspired by the work of New York Sun Works and concerned by the lack of a public laboratory and science center in Newark, New Jersey. Caires seeks to provide more in depth training in renewable energy technology for the community and further the possibility to provide local jobs in the solar and renewable sector through technology research.

Born in Newark and raised in East Orange, New Jersey, Tobias A. Fox writes straight from his spirituality about personal feelings that he magically transforms into stories.
For nearly ten years, Fox has made his presence known in the publishing business. He has coached many authors, including national bestselling author Wahida Clark, and edited several novels that have reached the Essence bestsellers list. He is co-founder of nHouse Publishing, LLC. In addition to publishing, Fox is also an educator and co-creator of the Alinkage Public School System, a holistic approach to learning.