Word has reached me that we are experiencing some glitches keeping people from accessing comments (where all the hot rhetoric-on-rhetoric action is) as well as weird diversions when you click on links and are sent to places unintended. I have passed along your concerns to the nerds wonderful, brilliant, and uncommonly attractive people who keep the site up and running. Thank you for your patience.

Since I am otherwise occupied, I direct you to Roy’s excellent summation of The Butthurtiness Of The Forced Birth Crowd.

Lastly I will be updating my blogging resume once again, having moved from A Somewhat Popular Blogger to Demonic Conservative Ridicule Machine and now I shall henceforth be know as TBogg: Filthy, Yet Provocative.

If that doesn’t get me a date with Catrinel Menghia, nothing will.

Also, here is something offensive to keep up my street cred



Yeah. Like I would tell you....