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No surprise: NC anti-gay Pastor Patrick Wooden pimps his ‘life-earned,’ non-academic doctorate

North Carolina anti-gay rent-a-pastor Patrick Wooden, who is a high-profile supporter of the upcoming ballot initiative in this state, Amendment One, which would  add language to our constitution barring gays and lesbians from civil marriage or any legal relationship recognition. Wooden has been on the airwaves of late making statements that have to make it hard for amendment supporters to claim this guy is on their side. Wooden:

Thanks to intrepid Blender Laurel Ramseyer, she discovered that the fact-challenged “Dr. Patrick L. Wooden, Sr.” also extends his  fantasy thinking to his own honorific of “Dr.” By the way, he clearly clings to this title for dear life, using it at the beginning of EVERY paragraph of his puffed up bio (see screencap at right).

Laurel noted:

You know I have a special dislike of these anti-gay jerks who puff up their image with unearned doctorate degrees (I had to bust my butt for mine – I don’t like sharing the title with charlatans), so I decided to check into your new boyfriend’s credentials.  If my reading of the material below is correct, his “doctorate” is nothing more than recognition that he’s been a pastor for X number of years.  No scholarship needed.  Looks like he got a “life-earned” doctorate.  In other words, an honorary degree for just showing up to work.

According to Wooden’s bio page: “Dr. Wooden has received national notoriety for his work and efforts. The North Carolina College of Theology recognized the work of Dr. Wooden and afforded him the opportunity to use some of his years of experience as credits in his pursuit of a Doctorate of Theology of which he received in June 2007.”

Check out the college’s page about their doctorates, where they feel the need to say “Very Important: We do not sell degrees”.  It would be interesting to know if the orgs that have accredited them are themselves legit.  I don’t know how to check that, especially for a religious college which may not use the academic system (telling all in itself, if true):


I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the “Life-Earned Experience” Doctoral degrees offered by North Carolina College of Theology. NCCT looks forward to honoring God’s faithful servants with the degrees that so many truly deserve. North Carolina College of Theology is a Bible College. To receive “Life-Earned Experience Degrees,” you must meet the following requirements:

Minimum of ten years of full-time ministry experience (This experience serves as your educational background information if you do not have a formal education).

Completed NCCT Application with payment of Application Fee

Picture of yourself.

Copy of high school diploma/GED

Copy of license and ordination certificate (You must have been ordained for ten years or more).

A copy of any college degrees, diplomas, and/or certificates earned.
Please submit all together, in order.

A written THESIS is required.
However, based on your current degree level and years of life-earned experience, this can be waived.

For more information and a catalog, please call 910.395.5593.

Very Important: We do not sell degrees. Many pastors, missionaries, and church workers have earned their degrees and should have them. NCCT is accredited by Southern Accreditation Association of Christian Schools and Colleges; American Association of Theological Institutions; and American Accrediting Education Association of Christian Schools. I look forward to talking to you about your lifelong full-time service and your Doctoral degree.

Call today and allow us to help you receive your degree for your “Life-Earned” service… you deserve it!

I think this says tells you all you need to know about the credentials and credibility of “Dr.” Wooden.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding