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Morgellons: The Mysterious New Nano-Disease

There is a rare but nightmarish skin disease which apparently began surfacing in the early G.W. Bush years.  Strange, unidentified fibers and colored granules burst from open lesions on the skin of victims.

The disease has been named Morgellons, owing to a somewhat similar case described several centuries ago in medical literature. But this modern disease is in a class by itself.

While government officials have been vague and dismissive about Morgellons, other research has found that the mysterious fibers are self-replicating “nano-worms.” They are apparently a synthetic life form, a product of bioengineering at the nano-scale.

Within the secret laboratories of our extremely secretive government, could they be creating synthetic nano-life forms designed to enter the human body and perhaps make genetic alterations? If so, are the Morgellons victims unknowingly part of a human trial?

According to one researcher, fibers identical to the Morgellons nano-worms have been found in air samples linked to the infamous “chem-trail” spraying of our skies. It is also known that the Pentagon R&D agency DARPA has several million dollars budgeted for a synthetic biology program called BioDesign.

It’s enough to make your skin crawl.


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