Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Talking Head About It

Puppet-faced goofball Matt Lewis was on ethically challenged Howard Kurtz’s ethically challenged Reliable Sources this morning complaining that “supposed” journalists like Andrea Mitchell and Claire Shipman were unable to put aside their elite media liberal lady-ness and straight up report “just the facts, mam” about what was going on with Komenfuckedupgate. You can watch the video here, and you’ll notice that, according to the caption, what really forced the Komen people to back off was “Media pressure(s)” and not the massive onslaught of negative responses from social media like Twitter and Facebook which threatened to firmly place a pillow over the Komen golden goose’s face and smother it in its gold-lined nest.

To bolster his argument, Lewis cited … Ross Douthat’s column. As I have said before about journalists and Megan McArdle; if you cite anything she has written on any subject (from economics to how to bake a cake) that is a tacit admission that you don’t what you’re talking about because she doesn’t either. This also applies to Ross Douthat and Jonah Goldberg, although in Goldberg’s case he does seem well-versed in Simpsons-iana which is what qualifies him as one of the deeper thinkers over at NRO. You may have noticed in Douthat’s column that the only media people cited as poisoning the Komen debate with their so-called facts are Mitchell, Shipman, and Diane Sawyer and it must have taken all of Ross’s strength (or possibly an alert NY Times editor) to keep from accusing them all of being irrational because they’re probably having their periods or something. You can see the same exasperation in Lewis’ face when Michelle Cottle is speaking.

Matt Lewis, being the good little Douthat-follower that he is, cites Douthat’s citing of the Gallup poll and then plays the “half of Americans are anti-abortion” card. Of course, it shows no such thing. [cont’d.]

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